Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Timmy Bear (Part 2 of 3)

     I didn't realize how long this story was, so I will break it into 3parts.

Part 2
              Later that day, as Timmy was sitting beside the pond, watching the frogs hang in the water, with their eyes staring at him, he thought again about Raven.  He wondered how he could help Raven see that he should try to be nice to the other creatures in the woods.
            All of a sudden he heard a loud noise, and he was very frightened.  He couldn’t imagine what had happened, but it didn’t sound like it was a good thing.  Even though he was a little afraid, he began to walk toward the place where the noise had come from.  It seemed very quiet now.  What could have made that horrible noise?  Timmy kept walking, and then he saw something laying on the path ahead.  Then, Timmy began to run, for he knew what the black spot was.   When he reached the place, there on the ground was Raven, and he wasn’t moving.  Timmy knelt down and got quite close to Raven. 
            “Raven, Raven,” he whispered.  “Raven, what happened, are you alright?”
            Raven could barely move his head, but he looked up at bear, and tried to speak.  “I, I, I’m hurt Timmy Bear,” he said, but his voice was so shaky that Timmy could hardly make out the words.  Then, Timmy saw Raven’s wing.  It looked like it was broken, and Raven looked like he was in pain.
            “I’ll help you,” said Timmy.  “I’ll be right back, I promise.”  Raven closed his eyes, as Timmy ran off down the path to the hole in the big rock where he slept.  He reached in and got the basket that he used to gather blueberries, and rushed back to Raven as fast as he could.
            Raven hadn’t moved, and Timmy thought he might be too late, but as he knelt down he saw that the big black bird was still breathing.  Quickly, Timmy scraped some of the soft moss from the rock and placed it in the basket.  Then he spoke softly to Raven.  “This might hurt, Raven, but I must pick you up and put you in the basket, so that I can take you home with me.  I can’t help you here.”
            Timmy tried to lift Raven carefully, so that it wouldn’t hurt too much.  He was careful about Raven’s wing as he set him in the basket.  Raven let out a little cry, but then settled down on the moss, and Timmy headed back for his house.  Timmy talked to Raven all the way back, so Raven would know what he was doing, and wouldn’t be afraid. 
            When he got home, he set the basket down just outside the entrance, in the sun so that Raven would not get too cold.  Then, Timmy sat down beside the basket, with his head in his  paws and tried to think.  How could he help Raven?  He didn’t know how to fix a bird’s broken wing, but there had to be something he could do to help.  Timmy thought and thought.  What could he do?
            Then a big smile spread across Timmy Bear’s face.  He knew what to do.  He gently picked up the basket, and Raven stirred and tried to move.   “Don’t move, Raven,” he said.  “I’m taking you to a place where you can get help.  It’s not very far, just at the edge of the woods.”
            “Why are you doing this?” asked Raven in a very raspy voice.  “Why are you helping me?  Where are we going?”
            “Shh,” said Timmy.  “There is a family near the edge of the woods.  They are very friendly.  The little boy is very kind to the creatures in these woods.  He feeds them and he feeds the birds, too.
Even in the winter, he feeds them.  I think that maybe if he sees you, he will take you home and help you.  Maybe he can fix your wing.”
            Raven started to shake.  “No, no!” he cried.  “It was a human that hurt my wing.  All humans want to do is hurt animals.”
            “I have watched this family, and they love animals.  They wouldn’t hurt you.  It must have been someone else that hurt your wing.  What was the big noise that I heard?”
            Raven was getting tired, and his wing hurt, and he just couldn’t tell Timmy what had happened to him.  It frightened him just to think about it.  Timmy saw that Raven didn’t want to talk anymore, so he just walked on ever so carefully until he got to the edge of the woods.

     Part 3 tomorrow....

     Lots of birds at the feeder today.  A downy woodpecker joined in, along with the regulars, and at least 5 mourning doves. 
     More snow expected for tomorrow into Thursday.  Sadie says, "Oh no!"  Poor Sadie.  She was going a little weird tonight.  Two television stations carried a video of a dog playing the piano and 'singing.'  Sadie wasn't too sure where that noise was coming from, but she wasn't impressed.

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