Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Routine

     I just got home a little while ago from our first choir practice of the new year.  What a wonderful group of people.  We have such fun, singing and enjoying each other's company.  I love each one.  I have written a few poems about the choir over the years.  People have come and gone, for various reasons, but the core has remained steady.  I was going to say that we are like a family, but I will correct that to we are a family.  At least I feel like they are my family.  I have adopted them all, but they don't know it.
Here is a poem I wrote after the choir had practiced extremely hard and sang the Christmas Cantata so beautifully.
Cantata 1990 is over, and I know we did our best.
We put hard work and love in it, and God did all the rest.
He takes us as He finds us, with all our many flaws,
And molds us, by His Spirit, into a ministry for His cause.
God, in His great mercy uses us to His own glory,
Enabling us to sing, with grateful hearts, the joyous, age old story.
But it’s not just the final service that God blesses, for I am sure,
That the love and special bond we share is blessed, and sweet and pure.
For how could we proclaim His love without Him in our midst?
He’s the One who fills the heart and church, length and breadth and width.
God has given us something quite unique, in which we can delight;
Love and respect for one another.  Let’s hold on to this so tight.
And humbly, reverently thank our God for the gift that He has given.
That warm and loving family feeling that can only come from Heaven.

     I am blessed to have such wonderful friends, I mean, family!

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