Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's That?

     I have several projects that I need to get started on. Why is it so difficult to get going on at least one of them?  I know that once I get started I get right into it, but it is actually picking up the pencil or the brush and making the first line or stroke that is so hard.  Folks who apparently know these things say that people procrastinate because they dont believe they can do it, and are afraid they will fail.  Personally, I'm never sure what I can do until it's done and even then I wonder.

     These are some of the clay items that I mentioned before.  They are a good example of not knowing how it will turn out, till it is done.  A friend put a picture I had painted into a really nice frame, and it looked so good.  I had trouble believing that I had done it.  I guess, perhaps I don't have a lot of confindence in my abilities.  Definitely not a good way to be but...........that's me.

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