Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Snow

     It started snowing last night, and this morning there was freezing rain, snow pellets that hit the window so hard I felt it would soon come right in the room, then more snow and strong wind.  Not a good day for anyone to be on the road, though I know some must make their way to work through this mess.  I have driven once since Sunday, to get birdseed and milk, two important staples, and am considering cancelling choir practice for tonight.  I'm pretty sure no one will want to go out if they don't have to.
     Winter is getting to me, and it's only January.  I like the look of crisp white snow on the trees and fields, but when the roads get icy, I'm not very brave, and I don't have to be. Snow scenes are nice to paint, but......
      A little while ago, I got very upset.  I saw a large raven in the middle of the road, and he/she was merrily ripping away at something.  Being me, I immediately assumed that it was one of the squirrels, since both had been around earlier.  I tend to jump to conclusions, and this time thought the worst.  I grabbed my little binoculars and watched to see if I could tell if my suspicions were true.  Fortunately, it turned out to be some sort of a bag, and not one of my little friends.  I was quite relieved, and then chastised myself for thinking the way I did. 
     I've been watching and seeing Oasis programs on Hope For Wildlife in Seaforth, NS.  They do great work there with injured wildlife.  You can find them at if you are interested.
     Now I'm hoping the power will stay on...........  Stay safe!

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