Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting back to routine

I have packed away all the Christmas decorations in their plastic cartons, but have not yet put them in the attic.  In order to put the boxes in the attic I have to bend over from the waist, because of the sloping roof.  That's not too bad, except that after I have spent time in that position in the attic, it takes me a 20 minutes to stand up straight, and it hurts. I walk around bumping into things, until I can stand upright.  I count that as my exercise for the week.  Isn't it said that if exercise doesn't hurt, it isn't doing much good?  Maybe I'll put things away   tomorrow.  And there is still the outside tree and bear.  Yes bear.  I'm not sure what a bear has to do with Christmas, but I like it.
I am the "director" of our church choir.  They are a fantastic group of people.  We have such a great time, praising, singing and laughing together, and I am looking forward to getting back to regular practices.  Our organist is away, and so my nervous  fingers are doing the organ playing.  I'm not trained, so I hit a lot of wrong notes.  If the choir sings loud enough, bless them, no one hears my bloopers.
I have another week before our Bible Study group starts up again, but I had better get at my research.  I wish my brain would retain more of the things I read.  Old Testament study is really interesting, and I wish I knew more about the times and traditions of the OT.
I spent the afternoon, well not all of the afternoon, carving a clay bowl.  I do a lot of what some may call, strange things.  I make things out of clay, and then carve designs into them.  I am never too sure what the outcome will be, so it's always a surprise.  Everyone needs surprises now and then, right?


  1. You seem to have figured out quite a few things, given that you didn't even have a tutor (but can you spot the mis-placed homophone?). Have fun with the blog! xo hj

  2. That would be waste instead of waist?