Monday, January 31, 2011

Timmy Bear and friends

     Sadie is saying hello to new friends.  In the flower pot is Timmy Bear.  He thinks he's a blooming star.  The little guy on the left is Tipper, and on the right, partly obscured by Sadie's hairy head is Tilly.  They, the bears had a bit of an adventure today.  They decided to go bird watching.....

     This area was sheltered, and a few juncos flew overhead.  The trio didn't seem to mind the cold, and wandered over to the picnic table for a better view.

     Timmy saw I was taking his picture, so he posed nicely.  Tilly was more interested in a chickadee, and you can see why the little one's name is Tipper.  He closely examined the snow flakes.  He has an inquiring mind.

     Later, Tipper pretended he was a brown bird, but he didn't attract any feathered friends, so he got even more daring.

     By this time, Timmy and Tilly had frozen bearhinds, and decided it was time to go inside.  Tipper had to be coaxed from the feeder.  He was having a great time blowing in the wind. 
     You never know what Timmy and his friends will be up to next.......


  1. If only we knew what Backyard squirrel thought of that!

  2. Good thing the neighbours know you and love you...