Monday, January 31, 2011

Timmy Bear and friends

     Sadie is saying hello to new friends.  In the flower pot is Timmy Bear.  He thinks he's a blooming star.  The little guy on the left is Tipper, and on the right, partly obscured by Sadie's hairy head is Tilly.  They, the bears had a bit of an adventure today.  They decided to go bird watching.....

     This area was sheltered, and a few juncos flew overhead.  The trio didn't seem to mind the cold, and wandered over to the picnic table for a better view.

     Timmy saw I was taking his picture, so he posed nicely.  Tilly was more interested in a chickadee, and you can see why the little one's name is Tipper.  He closely examined the snow flakes.  He has an inquiring mind.

     Later, Tipper pretended he was a brown bird, but he didn't attract any feathered friends, so he got even more daring.

     By this time, Timmy and Tilly had frozen bearhinds, and decided it was time to go inside.  Tipper had to be coaxed from the feeder.  He was having a great time blowing in the wind. 
     You never know what Timmy and his friends will be up to next.......

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snowman and birds

 Today I made a snowman.  I was just fooling around with 'paint' and this is what I came up with.  It's one way of making a snowman without freezing your fingers, or breaking your back trying to roll the big snowballs, then put one on top of the other....but it's not as much fun as building a real one.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Snow

     It started snowing last night, and this morning there was freezing rain, snow pellets that hit the window so hard I felt it would soon come right in the room, then more snow and strong wind.  Not a good day for anyone to be on the road, though I know some must make their way to work through this mess.  I have driven once since Sunday, to get birdseed and milk, two important staples, and am considering cancelling choir practice for tonight.  I'm pretty sure no one will want to go out if they don't have to.
     Winter is getting to me, and it's only January.  I like the look of crisp white snow on the trees and fields, but when the roads get icy, I'm not very brave, and I don't have to be. Snow scenes are nice to paint, but......
      A little while ago, I got very upset.  I saw a large raven in the middle of the road, and he/she was merrily ripping away at something.  Being me, I immediately assumed that it was one of the squirrels, since both had been around earlier.  I tend to jump to conclusions, and this time thought the worst.  I grabbed my little binoculars and watched to see if I could tell if my suspicions were true.  Fortunately, it turned out to be some sort of a bag, and not one of my little friends.  I was quite relieved, and then chastised myself for thinking the way I did. 
     I've been watching and seeing Oasis programs on Hope For Wildlife in Seaforth, NS.  They do great work there with injured wildlife.  You can find them at if you are interested.
     Now I'm hoping the power will stay on...........  Stay safe!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold, Cold, Cold!

     Today was bitterly cold.  It was a good day to stay inside.  There was not much activity at the feeder.  A few jays, and juncos braved the chill, and the squirrels were there for a short time. Backyard has managed to chew the top board and make his entrance hole larger.
     I felt sorry for the birds today, though I know they are quite able to manage the cold, but another new bird arrived today, and I've had a difficult time trying to figure out what it is.  It looked like it was very hungry and stayed most of the day, probably in the bush, but was at the feeder several times.  It may have been a female red winged blackbird, very dark brown on the back and heavily striped chest, medium bill, and larger than a sparrow, and a bit smaller than a dove.  I attempted to take a picture of the dove and the new bird together on the feeder, but it didn't turn out very well, and it is hard to see them. I assumed that red wings went south for the winter, but some must stay, or my identification is wrong.  I wonder if she'll be here tomorrow?
      Sadie says "take this cold and shove it!"  or she would say that if she could talk.  The wind today practically blew her over.  She is NOT impressed.  Still, I am pleased with her that she is willing to go out.
She did better than me today.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Visitor

     Yesterday afternoon, Backyard and his winged friends were feeding as usual, with close to twenty birds in the tree, at the feeder or on the ground.  Suddenly, as my eye was caught by a larger bird that flew quickly past one window and landed on a branch of the crab tree. All the birds disappeared!  Backyard didn't quite make it out of the tree, but sat without twitching a few feet above the new bird. This bird sat long enough for me to get a look at him, then flew off.  I had reached for my Peterson Bird Book, feeling sure that I had just seen a hawk of of some sort, then I checked the Museum of Natural History site to affirm my suspicions.  I am fairly sure that this bird was a Sharp Shinned Hawk.  I had never heard of it before.  The size and colouring describing this hawk, was what I had seen, and the reaction of the other birds....HIDE!!!....made me even more sure.  These hawks visit feeding stations and prey on the smaller birds that they find there.  The hawk is a beautiful bird, but I'm glad he didn't stay long, and even more pleased that my little friends took cover so quickly.  It is amazing.  Their reaction was immediate.  How do they know?  Little Backyard stayed where he was for quite a while, then I am pretty sure he wiped his furrowed brow with his cold wee paw, and thought to himself, that was a close one!  It was a good thing I learned to play statues so well.  Do hawks catch and eat squirrels? ......shudder.........  Oh well, back to the feeder.
      Today:  It's like a soap opera, or perhaps I should say feed opera.  Guess who came back?  Mr. Hawk returned to check out the site.  Fortunately, there were only a few Juncos who quickly flew out of sight.  There is a cedar tree next to the crab three and it is used as a shelter by the birds.  Now I am in a quandary.  I will continue to feed my feathered friends, but I don't want to feel like I'm serving a platter of fresh meat to Mr. Hawk.  Oh dear.  Maybe he'll give up?
     Later on, Backyard was being chased by Roadrunner, and he used his escape hatch in the feeder.  I laughed as Roadrunner sat on the rim eating away, and inside the tube was Backyard.  I can sense a story of some kind whirling around in my head.  I can hardly wait for the next installment.
     In the meantime, Sadie cannot figure why I am always looking out the window, and wants up to see what I see.  I think she is disappointed.  It's just birds......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There He Is - Gone

     My little wild friends put on a show for me this morning.  I enjoy watching their antics, especially when the squirrels join the fun.  This morning was one of those times. 
     First of all, I have named the squirrels, since there are definitely two of them.  The first, I call Backyard, because that's where he comes from.  The second is Roadrunner, since he runs across the road to get to the feeder. (He's very brave.)
     When I first looked out the window, there was Backyard, sitting in the tray, enjoying his breakfast.  The chickadees buzzed him a bit, but he didn't seem to mind, and the chickadees just ate on the opposite side of the feeder.  There were quite a few Juncos on the ground, for the rain had uncovered seeds from before the snow.  I saw Roadrunner making his way to the tree, and I watched to see what would happen.  As Roadrunner arrived on the branch of the tree where the feeder hangs, Backyard popped to the branch and then to top of the feeder his eyes on Roadrunner.
     Of all the birds that come to the yard, the Mourning Doves are the only ones that seem to startle the squirrels.  Roadrunner is sitting on the branch and Backyard on the top of the feeder, facing off, when a Mourning Dove flew into view heading for Roadrunner's branch.  Well!  Roadrunner raced down the tree with great speed and probably headed for home, and Backyard totally disappeared.   I watched for a few minutes, but there was no sign of Backyard.  The doves helped themselves to a snack and went about their business.
     Perhaps ten minutes later, I looked out and there on the top of the feeder, I could see what looked like a squirrel's head, but no body.  I looked again, thinking I was seeing things.  Then slowly, Backyard wiggled his way through the very small opening in the feeder lid and resumed his feeding.  He had actually hidden inside the feeder tube.  The opening is narrow, perhaps the width of my little finger, and maybe two inches long, certainly no bigger.  Amazing. I chuckled out loud.  What a smart little guy.  It lifted my spirits.
     I wonder what I will see tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a blank..

     Some days, my mind works overtime, then, there are days like today.  I can usually think of a few things to write about, but today it seemed as though my mind was just turning over and over old thoughts, and that's not a good thing.  It's time like this that I wonder why I decided to blog.  I read a few blogs and find them so interesting.  Finally, I realize that I can only write about that which I know, that which is around me, the things that I can delight in, but not today.  Today was too dark.
     Perhaps tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Quiet Day

     Today was a day of thinking, and planning, and discarding.  My mind can run in several directions at one time.  I did finish the cards I had planned to do yesterday.  Check that off my list.  Then, I was thinking, maybe I will start rearranging another room.  No, I didn't learn anything from a few days ago.  It is hard when you have a small house, and little storage room.  The best thing to do would be to get rid of the things that I really have no use for.  But then, decisions would have to be made.  Should I toss it?  Should I keep it?
I'd need three bags. Keep it.  Toss it.  I don't know.  Guess which bag would be the fullest?
     As things stand now, I'm just thinking about this.  I am not sure that my energy level is up to the task.  Does this mean that I am a serious procrastinator, or just cautious?  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day. I'll see.  Sometimes it is better to discard an idea, rather than forge ahead, get in the middle of it, and then ask yourself,  "What were you thinking?"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving Things Around

     I thought today would be a good day to move a bookcase in my den.  I was just going to rearrange a few things, that's all.  Oh yeah!  It never fails, that when you move or change one thing it usually entails moving many things.  Before you know it, the whole afternoon has been spent taking books off shelves, and out of cabinets, so that you can put other things in their place.  Now.... what to do with the things you took out and don't have room for?  Well, of course, you move other things.  Some things, you take out of a drawer, look at, put on desk for consideration, and then, after a passage of time, you put it back in the same drawer, because you don't know what else to do with it.  What I need is wall to wall shelves and drawers.......on second thought, scratch that idea.  I get the shudders just thinking about rearranging them.
     I am satisfied with my afternoon accomplishment, although that was all I did.  I had really intended to paint 2 cards, but now that job will have to wait for tomorrow...... 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

After the Storm

     A lot of snow fell last night.  The wind blew it around, so it is hard to tell just how much came down, probably 18 - 20 cm, and it was much deeper where the snow drifted.  The poor birds were quite hungry, hardly able to wait until I had filled their feeders. 
     Needless to say, poor Sadie really was not impressed, and was happy when the driveway was plowed so she had lots of room.
     I'm working on sketching.  I have piles of books on drawing, but the main thing is to keep at it.  I guess it is the same with everything you want to improve on....practice, practice, practice.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Timmy Bear Part 3

    Timmy wondered where he could put Raven so that the family could see him.  Then he noticed the bird feeders hanging in the tree not too far away.  Timmy looked all around to see if anyone was outside, and seeing no one, he went slowly toward the feeders.  He thought he could leave Raven by the tree, and when the little boy came out to fill the feeders, he would see Raven, and help him.  Timmy gently lifted Raven from the basket, and laid him on the ground carefully, so as not to hurt his wing.  Then he whispered to Raven, “Trust me, Raven.  This family will help you.  I will watch from the woods to make sure that the little boy finds you.  Trust me, I’m your friend.”
            Raven just looked up at Timmy.  He couldn’t believe that Timmy had said that he was his friend, after he had laughed at him, and scared him.  A big tear came into Raven’s dark eye, as he saw Timmy turn and head for the woods.  “Good bye, Timmy Bear.  Th…th..thank you.”
            Timmy bear hurried to the edge of the woods, and sat down to wait for the little boy to come to the feeders.  He hoped he had done the right thing by bringing Raven here.  He hoped the boy was home, and that he would soon come out.
            After what seemed like an ever so long time, and just as Timmy felt himself nod off to sleep, a noise startled him and he looked over to where Raven lay.  Timmy opened his eyes wide, and he saw the little boy stop, and look at the spot where Raven lay on the ground.  But, then he turned around and ran to the house.  “Oh no,” said Timmy, “Now what is he going to do?”
            But Timmy need not have worried, for soon the little boy was coming back with a big person, his mother.  Timmy watched as the two people slowly walked up to Raven, and knelt down beside him.  Carefully, the woman lifted the bird, and placed him in a big box very carefully, and then the two returned to the house.  Timmy couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he did know that the human friends would take care of Raven.  Timmy hoped that they would be able to fix Raven’s wing so that he could fly again.
            Many days went by, and once a day Timmy would walk to the edge of the woods to see if there was any sign that Raven was alright.  After a few weeks, Timmy began to think that maybe Raven had not gotten any better, and Timmy became sad.  He had hoped that the bird would be alright, but maybe that was not to be.  More weeks went by and still Timmy went to the edge of the woods, hoping to see Raven.
            On a very sunny day, just after a light rain shower, Timmy was making his way down the path through the woods.  He stopped at the pond to say hello to his frog friends who were always hanging in the water, then he waved to Bushy Tail Squirrel who was running across the branch of the big spruce tree, and then he heard a familiar noise up ahead of him, and he ran as fast as he could.  All of a sudden a great black bird landed on a low branch of the tree ahead of Timmy, and Timmy smiled the biggest smile that he had ever smiled, for there on the tree branch was Raven.
            “Oh Raven, Raven, you’re better, you can fly, you’re all better!”
Timmy was so happy he could almost fly himself.
            “I had to come and find you, Timmy,” said Raven in a much softer voice than Timmy remembered.  “I had to come, to thank you for what you did for me.  After all the teasing I did to you and the other forest creatures, and scaring you all the time, you helped me.  Without you, I would have died.”
            “Well,” said Timmy, “That’s what friends are for.  We all need to help each other!  I’m sure that if I was in trouble, you would help me, wouldn’t you?”
            “I sure would,” Raven spoke with a very strong voice. “I would help you with anything.  You helped me to see that I really am a part of the forest family, and I promise that I will never pull any more pranks, as I used to do.  I want to be your friend.  I want to be a friend to all the creatures.  I am even going back and visit the people at the edge of the woods.  They were so kind to me.  You were right about them.  Do you think the others will want me as a friend?”
            Timmy nodded his head. “I’m sure they will.  Lets go find squirrel and fox, rabbit and mouse, and even the frogs, and tell them that you are all better, and want to be part of our family.”
            So Timmy ran off down the path to the pond, while Raven flew in circles above him, singing a happy song.  Timmy felt a tear roll down his fuzzy cheek.  He was so happy that things had turned out the way they did.  Raven would be a good friend now, he was sure.
            Timmy wished he had a way to say thank you to the family at the edge of the woods, but he couldn’t come up with an idea.
            “I hope they know what a great thing they did for Raven,” said Timmy to the wind.  I think I will pick some blueberries for them, and leave them at the feeders when they’re not around.  They would never believe that a bear would do such a thing, but I have to say thank you some how.
            Timmy rushed off to the pond to see the frogs and tell them the wonderful news.  Raven had learned a big lesson, and everybody would feel good about that.

     Lots of snow fell, starting this afternoon.  The birds were busy at the feeder as the snow began to fall in earnest.  It was nice to see 6 or 8 evening grossbeaks and a white breasted nuthatch among the others.  Of course, the juncos, chickadees, doves and jays were there as well, along with 2 squirrels, now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Timmy Bear (Part 2 of 3)

     I didn't realize how long this story was, so I will break it into 3parts.

Part 2
              Later that day, as Timmy was sitting beside the pond, watching the frogs hang in the water, with their eyes staring at him, he thought again about Raven.  He wondered how he could help Raven see that he should try to be nice to the other creatures in the woods.
            All of a sudden he heard a loud noise, and he was very frightened.  He couldn’t imagine what had happened, but it didn’t sound like it was a good thing.  Even though he was a little afraid, he began to walk toward the place where the noise had come from.  It seemed very quiet now.  What could have made that horrible noise?  Timmy kept walking, and then he saw something laying on the path ahead.  Then, Timmy began to run, for he knew what the black spot was.   When he reached the place, there on the ground was Raven, and he wasn’t moving.  Timmy knelt down and got quite close to Raven. 
            “Raven, Raven,” he whispered.  “Raven, what happened, are you alright?”
            Raven could barely move his head, but he looked up at bear, and tried to speak.  “I, I, I’m hurt Timmy Bear,” he said, but his voice was so shaky that Timmy could hardly make out the words.  Then, Timmy saw Raven’s wing.  It looked like it was broken, and Raven looked like he was in pain.
            “I’ll help you,” said Timmy.  “I’ll be right back, I promise.”  Raven closed his eyes, as Timmy ran off down the path to the hole in the big rock where he slept.  He reached in and got the basket that he used to gather blueberries, and rushed back to Raven as fast as he could.
            Raven hadn’t moved, and Timmy thought he might be too late, but as he knelt down he saw that the big black bird was still breathing.  Quickly, Timmy scraped some of the soft moss from the rock and placed it in the basket.  Then he spoke softly to Raven.  “This might hurt, Raven, but I must pick you up and put you in the basket, so that I can take you home with me.  I can’t help you here.”
            Timmy tried to lift Raven carefully, so that it wouldn’t hurt too much.  He was careful about Raven’s wing as he set him in the basket.  Raven let out a little cry, but then settled down on the moss, and Timmy headed back for his house.  Timmy talked to Raven all the way back, so Raven would know what he was doing, and wouldn’t be afraid. 
            When he got home, he set the basket down just outside the entrance, in the sun so that Raven would not get too cold.  Then, Timmy sat down beside the basket, with his head in his  paws and tried to think.  How could he help Raven?  He didn’t know how to fix a bird’s broken wing, but there had to be something he could do to help.  Timmy thought and thought.  What could he do?
            Then a big smile spread across Timmy Bear’s face.  He knew what to do.  He gently picked up the basket, and Raven stirred and tried to move.   “Don’t move, Raven,” he said.  “I’m taking you to a place where you can get help.  It’s not very far, just at the edge of the woods.”
            “Why are you doing this?” asked Raven in a very raspy voice.  “Why are you helping me?  Where are we going?”
            “Shh,” said Timmy.  “There is a family near the edge of the woods.  They are very friendly.  The little boy is very kind to the creatures in these woods.  He feeds them and he feeds the birds, too.
Even in the winter, he feeds them.  I think that maybe if he sees you, he will take you home and help you.  Maybe he can fix your wing.”
            Raven started to shake.  “No, no!” he cried.  “It was a human that hurt my wing.  All humans want to do is hurt animals.”
            “I have watched this family, and they love animals.  They wouldn’t hurt you.  It must have been someone else that hurt your wing.  What was the big noise that I heard?”
            Raven was getting tired, and his wing hurt, and he just couldn’t tell Timmy what had happened to him.  It frightened him just to think about it.  Timmy saw that Raven didn’t want to talk anymore, so he just walked on ever so carefully until he got to the edge of the woods.

     Part 3 tomorrow....

     Lots of birds at the feeder today.  A downy woodpecker joined in, along with the regulars, and at least 5 mourning doves. 
     More snow expected for tomorrow into Thursday.  Sadie says, "Oh no!"  Poor Sadie.  She was going a little weird tonight.  Two television stations carried a video of a dog playing the piano and 'singing.'  Sadie wasn't too sure where that noise was coming from, but she wasn't impressed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Adventures of Timmy Bear

     I haven't much to write today, and so I thought I would put the first part of a little children's story I wrote a few years ago, on the blog. I wrote this when my first grandaughter came along.


            One day, little Timmy Bear was taking a long walk in the woods near his home.  He looked all around as he walked, at the pretty pink flowers, and the green leaves on the trees, and the birds that flew in the sky above.
            He loved the woods, and he was happy there.  Everything is so beautiful, he thought to himself.  I just love all the colours .  This is a very special place, and I’m glad that I live here.
            Suddenly, from out of nowhere, came a great bird, swooping out of the sky, and landing on the branch of the tree right beside Timmy Bear.
            “Wh….wh….wh…at is that?  Timmy looked up, and saw a big raven on the branch just above his head. “You scared me,” said Timmy.  “Do you always make that much noise when you land?”
            The raven looked down at Timmy, and then he started to laugh. “Haw, haw, I meant to give you a little scare!” said the raven.  “Your eyes got so big; I thought they would pop right out of your fuzzy little head!”
            Timmy didn’t think that what Raven had done was very funny at all, and he told him just that.
            “I like to surprise bears and squirrels and other birds, and foxes and owls and anything at all,” laughed Raven.  “It’s fun!”
           “Maybe for you it is,” said Timmy, “but not for us.  You should be nice to your friends here in the woods.  This is our home, and we should all try to get along, and especially not scare each other.”
            “And why should I do that?”  Raven was still laughing at Timmy.
            Timmy told Raven that they all had to live together, and they should try to be kind to each other.
            Raven told Timmy that he didn’t have to, because he wasn’t stuck here in the forest.  He could spread his wings and fly off into the sky, to the farms around, or to the town, or anywhere he wanted to, anytime he wanted to.  It didn’t matter if he wasn’t kind.
            Timmy Bear shook his head and looked very sad.  “I’m sorry if that’s the way you feel,” said Timmy.  “It’s nice to have friends.  We can look out for each other, and help each other and have fun together.  Don’t you want to be a part of that?”
            Raven just flapped his big black wings, and threw back his shiny black head, and laughed with a loud raaaaaaw.  Then, he took off from the branch, shouting to Timmy as he went.  “I don’t need friends.  I can do anything I want.  Nobody can stop me.”
            Soon Raven was out of sight, and Timmy began to walk again, but he wasn’t very happy now.  He was sad, because of what Raven had said.  Everybody needs friends, he thought.  Everybody needs somebody to care about them.  Poor Raven.  He thinks he’s happy, but I wonder if he really is.
       That's the first part......I'll leave the rest until tomorrow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's That?

     I have several projects that I need to get started on. Why is it so difficult to get going on at least one of them?  I know that once I get started I get right into it, but it is actually picking up the pencil or the brush and making the first line or stroke that is so hard.  Folks who apparently know these things say that people procrastinate because they dont believe they can do it, and are afraid they will fail.  Personally, I'm never sure what I can do until it's done and even then I wonder.

     These are some of the clay items that I mentioned before.  They are a good example of not knowing how it will turn out, till it is done.  A friend put a picture I had painted into a really nice frame, and it looked so good.  I had trouble believing that I had done it.  I guess, perhaps I don't have a lot of confindence in my abilities.  Definitely not a good way to be but...........that's me.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Routine

     I just got home a little while ago from our first choir practice of the new year.  What a wonderful group of people.  We have such fun, singing and enjoying each other's company.  I love each one.  I have written a few poems about the choir over the years.  People have come and gone, for various reasons, but the core has remained steady.  I was going to say that we are like a family, but I will correct that to we are a family.  At least I feel like they are my family.  I have adopted them all, but they don't know it.
Here is a poem I wrote after the choir had practiced extremely hard and sang the Christmas Cantata so beautifully.
Cantata 1990 is over, and I know we did our best.
We put hard work and love in it, and God did all the rest.
He takes us as He finds us, with all our many flaws,
And molds us, by His Spirit, into a ministry for His cause.
God, in His great mercy uses us to His own glory,
Enabling us to sing, with grateful hearts, the joyous, age old story.
But it’s not just the final service that God blesses, for I am sure,
That the love and special bond we share is blessed, and sweet and pure.
For how could we proclaim His love without Him in our midst?
He’s the One who fills the heart and church, length and breadth and width.
God has given us something quite unique, in which we can delight;
Love and respect for one another.  Let’s hold on to this so tight.
And humbly, reverently thank our God for the gift that He has given.
That warm and loving family feeling that can only come from Heaven.

     I am blessed to have such wonderful friends, I mean, family!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stonehenge Farm....What?

     Our farm has the name Stonehenge, not because we have a great circle of giant rocks, or druids dancing through the orchards, but rather, it came from an off-hand remark from a neighbour when the barn was just being built in the early 1980s.
     When we built the barn, after the floor was down, we had the corner posts, window and door posts standing up, before we started adding the logs for the stack walls.  The neighbour just commented that it looked like Stonehenge. The name stuck, and really, no one seems to wonder about it.
     Not that we don't have rocks here.  Every farm on the south mountain has rocks, I'm sure.  Our rocks, most from decades before we arrived, are in the form of rock walls.  I guess we've added some, with much more ease than the early land clearers.  It is really amazing if you think about the time and effort it took to build those stone walls, in those years long past.  And of course, as rocks do, there are those that are lying in wait for the mower, or the plow or the ankle to find them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Storm Over

The sun decided to shine today, and I can actually see some blue sky.  It's a nice change.  This is what it looked like yesterday.  Snow always pretty, but definitely not good for driving.
Our orchard and barn are across the road from our house, and from my den, the barn is always in view.  I can only see a small part of the orchard.
I fed my chickadees today.  They are getting more tame.  Only a few seconds passed before one little one was on my hand.  Another decided he would have a better choice of seeds if he landed in the dish of seeds I was also holding. 
Mr. Squirrel also visited the feeder earlier.  I really can't begrudge him a few seeds.  He looks so cute sitting in the feeder.  He doesn't stay long.  Yesterday I also had the doves, jays and even an american goldfinch and two evening grossbeak.
Having the chickadees landing on my hand brings me such a warm feeling.  It puts a smile on my face.  It's amazing how something so simple can make one feel so good inside.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting back to routine

I have packed away all the Christmas decorations in their plastic cartons, but have not yet put them in the attic.  In order to put the boxes in the attic I have to bend over from the waist, because of the sloping roof.  That's not too bad, except that after I have spent time in that position in the attic, it takes me a 20 minutes to stand up straight, and it hurts. I walk around bumping into things, until I can stand upright.  I count that as my exercise for the week.  Isn't it said that if exercise doesn't hurt, it isn't doing much good?  Maybe I'll put things away   tomorrow.  And there is still the outside tree and bear.  Yes bear.  I'm not sure what a bear has to do with Christmas, but I like it.
I am the "director" of our church choir.  They are a fantastic group of people.  We have such a great time, praising, singing and laughing together, and I am looking forward to getting back to regular practices.  Our organist is away, and so my nervous  fingers are doing the organ playing.  I'm not trained, so I hit a lot of wrong notes.  If the choir sings loud enough, bless them, no one hears my bloopers.
I have another week before our Bible Study group starts up again, but I had better get at my research.  I wish my brain would retain more of the things I read.  Old Testament study is really interesting, and I wish I knew more about the times and traditions of the OT.
I spent the afternoon, well not all of the afternoon, carving a clay bowl.  I do a lot of what some may call, strange things.  I make things out of clay, and then carve designs into them.  I am never too sure what the outcome will be, so it's always a surprise.  Everyone needs surprises now and then, right?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of 2011

The first day of the new year is almost over, and I have already met one of my "to do" items for the new year, which was, of course, to start a blog.
I spent part of the evening with my daughter and 2 grandaughters, and we have begun to do a1000 piece puzzle given to us by my other daughter.  Puzzles are magnets.  It is extremely difficult to walk away.  There is always that next piece that you have to find......and then, another, and then, another. It is fun, but it can drive one a little nuts.
A couple of years ago, when I was going through a bit of a difficult time, I did puzzle after puzzle.  I guess it helped me get through the hours.
I will try in the next few days to write about where I live, and how I pass most of my days.