Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Everything hurts....

The past week + has been quite miserable, with the weather being cold and damp and my fibromyalgia working in tandem with it. I have been extremely tired, to the point of almost falling asleep on the piano bench during church on Sunday. I didn't even bother opening up the organ, it was just too much trouble. I have napped most afternoons, but it doesn't help much. I have managed to do the things I have had to do, but not much more.
Today is the last day of felting class at the school, so I am trying to work up to it. The kids are great, so I should do ok. Sadie had a check-up yesterday and is doing fine, a little coughing which might be a problem if she keeps it up, but for now she's good.

I had mentioned that my granddaughter would be singing in Halifax for the royal couple. It was a wet, dreary and cold day. The choir wore their CCNS t-shirts, with a clear plastic poncho over them. (Not much warmth). I watched on TV mostly to see Lindsay, and was pleased to see her. When the camera took shots of the choir, there was my Lindsay. The choir did a beautiful job, the song was beautiful.
Lindsay was also able to shake hands and speak with the royals, and she was quite impressed. It was, for her, well worth the cold.

Rae was able to capture this from the TV
Lindsay is the blond, wearing glasses

Notice the coats and hoods on the folks in the crowd.

Before my energy got up and left, I had done some felting.......

A little farmer and his pail of water.
Gave this to a young friend

I also gave him this finger puppet.
It is so nice to be able to give these little things to someone.
My little friend just turned 3.

I have hung on to my little kitty, but will probably give her away.

One of my weird feltings (like my paintings). When I
look at it I can see two different things in the big brown
area. Can You?

Gave this to my little friend's little sister.

And this is my little Sadie.
She looks the way I feel
Worn out, no get up and go
Doing what needs to be done,
But moving very slow.
Perhaps some time, the sun will shine,
Perhaps, even today.
Oh let that be, says my elbow and knee,
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

One last little note. My little Polly humming bird is back. Joy!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Oh my, how panic does a job on the old body. Stress sets in, your mind works overtime. It must be here somewhere, but where?

My wallet, where was it. Thinking, thinking......when was the last time I used it. After the felting class at the school I had gone to the drug store to get a couple of things...used my debit card....out to the car and home. That was Wednesday. Last night, choir, and my bag full of books....looked and didn't see it, so I started to panic. Where was it? It had all my cards in it, my driver's licence...  Yikes! It was lost, and the search began.

Check the car, both seats. Check the trunk. Nothing! Ok, think.... Did I lay down? Check the couch....pull the cushions....not there. Check it again, just in case I missed it. Not there. Ok, what was I wearing? Check the pockets, even though I had worn the same jacket to choir...pockets, empty.

Oh, the wool containers. Perhaps I had slipped it in there. It's just small, perhaps it got mixed up in the wool. Not there. I go to bed thinking that if I dropped it at the store, or in the parking lot, wouldn't some nice person have found it and let me know.....or maybe I did drop it and a not so nice person picked it up and kept it. No, I told myself. It had to be here!.....

Up this morning, bright and early, well, maybe not so bright. The first thing on my mind right after coffee, was finding the wallet. Search the car again, the couch again, the wool again, the pockets, again, and every shelf and floor space. Finally, I looked again in my choir bag, and there inside my music binder, in the bag where I had already looked twice, was the little wallet. FOUND!!!!!!!!!

The relief was overwhelming. I had it, I didn't lose it, it was here all the time. How did I miss it. How could I be so empty headed. Thank you God! I'm an idiot. I looked here. Oh, I am exhausted. I grabbed that little found item and put it right in my purse, vowing to be more aware of what I was doing. Vowing I will always keep it in my purse. I'm ok, now. What was 'not' lost was now found.

On a less stressful note, I finished the painting I was working on. The friend in the picture liked it, and so I gave it to her. I was not completely satisfied with it. The face gave me great difficulty, and I finally had to stop 'fixing' it, before I ruined it.

Lindsay and her horse, Dawn

I just realized that those are also the names of my daughter and granddaughter. Hah!

Mother's day flowers 

It is a beautiful sunny day today. I hope to get outside and do some garden work, if my body will allow it. I have also had two wood ticks on me, so will be checking myself and Sadie for the little ticklers.

Enjoy the spring day.....I will the great search.......

Saturday, May 10, 2014


   That's the kind of week I've had.....

 I had a wonderful evening with my girls at the play, Mary Poppins. It was a great show, with excellent acting, singing, humour and outstanding stage backdrops. Mary floated across the stage, and Bert danced on the rooftops of London. I have been singing the songs all week, though I have to admit that in my head it is still Julie Andrews who is singing.

The first school exploratory was Wednesday afternoon. Five children had signed up, 3 girls and 2 boys. I have to keep the class small because of the needles, which are sharp. The children were very interested in learning, and although there was a bit of discouragement when things didn't go as well as the child thought it should, a bit of a pep talk and a few well placed needle pokes, and they all left with a felted apple, and I think they were pleased.

As it turned out, Wednesday was for me a very busy day. In the morning, along with getting felting supplies and wool ready for the afternoon, there were cookies to be made for my groups turn to supply food for the weekly card party at the community hall.

After spending most of the afternoon at the school, there was super to get ready, and then I headed out to a Mother's Day tea at the church. Lindsay and Leanne (daughter of a WMS member) were singing at the tea.  We had practiced on Tuesday evening and the girls learned the songs they were going to sing. They practiced just before the tea, and then after only the two practices, sang beautifully at the tea. I was very pleased with them. At the end of the day, I was more than ready to climb into bed and sleep for a week.

I think it was Thursday morning, that I was able to do a bit more cleanup in the garden. My back would only let me work for a short time. I noticed that the skunks have been busy 'weeding' my lawn, looking for grubs and such. I just wish that they would learn to replace the sod, following their night search.

So, along with my regular activities, preparing for and leading Bible Study, Mondays, piano student Tuesdays and choir Thursdays, and deciding I had to get some supplies Friday, I found the week to be a bit much. I am hoping to recover a bit this weekend.
     Oh, and besides all this I stayed up to watch a Montreal Canadians hockey game on Thursday night. Not a good thing to do, when you are already tired..........

I have since added googly eyes to these fellows

Flowers given to me by a friend, right out of the blue

My Sleepy Sadie
Have a wonderful weekend
May the days shine bright
Love, laugh, enjoy the day
And sleep well through the night