Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Some great big Month Monster took September and October and SCRUNCHED THEM TOGETHER, creating a new month of SEPTOBER!!!!!!!

This must be true, because there is no way the last six weeks have gone by this fast, except if some day stealer, hour shrinker, or month monster was messing around. No matter what your calender tells you, it lies......6 weeks have been mushed into 31/2 to 4.

I have been doing a little needle felting, after showing some ladies the basics (what little I know).
Halloween was on the agenda it seems. I am now working on some things for the Children's Wish Auction coming up in November.

the three heads are finger puppets

The last few weeks have found me going from one thing to another, but I have been very lax in writing anything on the blog, and reading the blogs I follow. I will probably never get caught up in the reading of past blogs. Sometimes it is just better that I step back from some things. Some days just carry too much sorrow, and other days seem to only carry a cloudy vagueness where stabbing a needle into wool is the only thing worth doing.

I also have been doing a bit of baking for the orchard crew. The spilled oatmeal didn't hold me back.

Painting is on the agenda now, also for the Children's Wish.

I just keep plodding and day at a time.