Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring - Day 1

Well at least the sun is shining today, and the glare off the snow drifts is almost blinding, but very welcome.
I wasn't going to take any more snow pictures, but then changed my mind, in order to share how much snow we now have around our house.

I had to shovel a path to the tractor for the Captain

There is a road out there, somewhere

This poor old tree is sure taking a beating

These pictures don't really how high this pile is,
but if I stand on the other side it is about twice my hight.

The calendar says today is the first day of spring,
but the scene outside my windows says uh uh.
Would you believe there is a rain/snow event
headed our way on the weekend.
It should be very.......interesting........oh yeah....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

S is for......

S is for the sun that is not shining....
                        N is for a night of falling flakes
O is for the overtired shovellers
                        W is for waiting for Spring to awake.

Everyone I have spoken to lately says the same thing. They are weary, weary, weary of the snow that keeps falling. At this rate, it will be July before all the drifts have melted.

We had a storm on Sunday, and then another one last night and today. One news headline said, Nova Scotia is closed.' It is March break in the province, and I think many families, if they were able, have flown to warmer climes. For those of us left behind to weather the weather, well, we wish we were wading in warm water, rather than shovelling snow.

Enough is enough we say, but nobody hears........they are all out digging tunnels to get out of their driveway. There has been cancellation after cancellation. At least we had a day in between to get out and get groceries.

The first day of Spring is March 20th!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!

I started this post this morning, and it has snowed all day, and is still snowing. The wind is blowing the snow around and the drifts are getting higher and higher. PEI and parts of New Brunswick are also getting hammered. When will it all end? 

I think the snow is now above my dryer vent, so washing and drying will have to wait a day or two. At least our power has managed to stay on, and for that I am very thankful. I don't know why but these storms seem to sap my small amount of energy. Tomorrow will bring with it much shovelling, especially at the doors. I'm glad the back door opens inward, or we would never get out. Hopefully the Captain will get the tractor moving to clear the driveway.

No pictures because I just can't take any more storm photos. We will see what tomorrow brings, though the weather person says more wind and blowing snow........ 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Two Events...

Last weekend, the surrounding communities got together for a Winter Carnival of sorts. It was a first attempt at getting the folks together to have some fun at this frigid time of year.
There was skiing, snow shoeing, lunch, music and a camp fire at the end. The snow sculptures took a while to do, since the snow was crunchy, hard to shape, and frozen to the point that it had to be chopped to produce some. One community did a great job producing this...

I should have stood back farther in order to get the whole thing in, but it was a tractor
pulling a wagon full of straw. The carved out seat was a winner with the little ones, and
of course those with cameras.

This one made me chuckle. It is a Snow Bank

It was a chilly day but the sun shone and those who attended really enjoyed it.
Three communities came together to do this and I guess there are hopes to try it 
again next year.

Unfortunately for me, I only stayed for a few hours, but was convinced by P to just
put the snow shoes on and give it a I did...
managing to do about 20 steps, with P hanging on to me so I wouldn't fall.
He told me I would get 5 points, just for participating.
(I came home after ward, and fell asleep on the couch for a while..oh dear.)

The next day was my eldest granddaughter's 18th birthday, and we were able to
get together for a family lunch to celebrate. Hard to believe that wee baby I held in
my arms is now 18. Where do the years go. I know everybody says that when their
children and grandchildren grow up. 

A special day in the life of a special young lady whom I love dearly.
Her birthday is also a sign of spring for me.
Waiting patiently for her sister's birthday in April!!!!

The sun is shining today, and if I don't go out in the frigid temps, it is beautiful. Well,
even if I do go out it is still beautiful, and I know in my heart, this too will pass.

Have a good day wherever you are.
Hope the sun is shining on you.