Friday, August 26, 2016

This and That

This is going to be one of those posts where I write a little bit here, and then go away for a while, only to return and add a little bit more. There are so many things racing around in my head and yet nothing in there is probably worthy of writing about.

**Bright spot in my week - A little chickadee trusted me enough to come to my outstretched hand, and take the lone sunflower seed I was holding. These little birds are so trusting, unlike the doves that flutter away when they see me.

I have decided to give up trying to keep the squirrel from eating the seeds from the feeder. It is a losing battle, and if I take it away, I won't be able to watch the birds up close. I can sit about 3 feet from them, and several chickadees, 3 woodpeckers (Downy) and a Nuthatch will come.

Finally, we received a very good amount of rain this past week, and it was so desperately needed, not only for the crops and orchards, but to dampen down the forests, and the wildfires that were burning across the province.

I've been spending much more time watching the Olympics, and have watched more TV in 2 weeks than I would in 6 months. I do enjoy watching the competitions.

I attended an Alzheimer information session at a neighbouring Community Hall, and it was very interesting. Included were facts on dementia, how to recognize the signs, and ideas on how to cope. It is so sad what happens to people who suffer through this brain injury. It dawned on me only here that this age related dementia is classified as a brain injury, as brain cells are dying. It opened my eyes to the fact that a stoke victim can have stroke dementia. This is what the Captain is dealing with.

I am about to do something that I have said I wouldn't do. I am taking the Captain to the Camp. He wants to go, and he wants me to take him. I had said I would drive him to the camp  to see if  he had left a car key out there, and somehow it became I would take him overnight. So.......... we shall see how it goes.........

August 26:  Well, I managed to get through not one but three nights, (I thought we were going to stay two nights). The camp has definitely become a 'man's camp' though at one time we spent time there with the girls when they were young. The Captain's grandfather built the camp and used to guide hunters on the river and in the woods. I will not say more about the inside of the building except that after I got over the 'yuck' factor I managed alright. There is no electricity or running water, so you know where I headed several times through the day.
    Now the outside is a whole different story. It is what I always loved about the camp, and was glad to spend time in the great outdoors. Here are a few pictures of the area. It is right on the Medway river, and the big pine is probably 200 years +. We can't be sure.

The water is low in the river due to it being so dry

This is the camp, with a boathouse in the foreground

Another view through the trees from the river's edge

Steam rising from the water
Not a great shot, but it is the top of the old pine.

I was happy to get home to a hot shower, but I am glad that I took the Captain. He struggles to get around, and I am not sure how many more times he will get to the camp. I am not keen, despite the view, to stay overnight any time soon. I kept thinking, 'if I only had a vacuum cleaner', "if I only had hot running water."
I have now done my good deed for the year. I think my arm is getting sore from patting myself on the back for being so brave.

Till next time......