Monday, July 20, 2015


Last week, my first daughter and I celebrated our birthdays. Her birthday is one day before mine. We have celebrated our birthdays in the past at Guide Camp. It always seemed that we camped the week of our birthdays. Actually, another guide, and still friend had a birthday the day after mine. Her mom would make a cake for all of us. That happened for several years. Then, when the farm got really busy, there was no time to really do anything special at all. We usually had a joint birthday cake. This week we went out to dinner on her birthday, though it was her treat for mine. The very nice part of this double celebration is that on my birthday, R's boyfriend's mother brought us a delicious lunch and desert and we had a little get together with R and said boyfriend, C, L and of course D. C's mom also brought us both flowers. She is a lovely person.

The picture above is a needle point that D made for me. I thought it was beautiful and decided to use it as a header for a while.

Left, flowers that H gave me, and right, flowers from C

I have done a little felting and this is a picture of a little doll.

She is made on a clothes peg.

Well, the painter only took one day off and returned to finish the dormer. I was so happy to see it finished, I was so pleased to see it done.

I just had to take a picture to mark the occasion, as it has been
a few years coming.

These little roses are being closely guarded by lilly leaves.
I really need to move the dear thing.
My garden is quite overcrowded.

We have had some very hot, humid days and everything was quite dry. Needed rain began yesterday, and the next few will also be wet. The rain is good for the crops, except it makes picking the raspberries difficult. They are just starting and need to be picked. 

This is all for now. My little brain cannot think of anything else, though I am sure there is something I have forgotten.

Until next time....enjoy life. It's the only one we have, rain or shine.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer time and the living ain't easy.....

The last couple of weeks have been a little busy, as we have had our house painted, and that meant an opportunity to get the storm windows off and get them cleaned, and so I have been washing windows. It is nice to have a new paint job for the house. It looks pretty good. The painter unfortunately sprained his ankle at a ball game, and finished the house while he was nursing a very sore leg. He was determined. There is still a dormer that needs some work, but that will have to be in a few days.
As a seasoned window washer now, I can say that using vinegar and water is much better than that 'unnamed' spray stuff. It works quite well.


It is haying season, and once L started to cut the hay, all I could think about was Sadie. This was the best time of year for her. How she loved it. Yesterday, I took her ashes up to the hill where L was finishing up and we sprinkled some of her ashes over the hayfield, had a good cry and again said goodbye. I also let some blow around the edge of the field where she would sit and watch, and a bit around one bale that was sitting close to the edge. I could picture Sadie sitting up on it, so proud.

It has been extremely hot here in the valley. We haven't had much rain. A bit fell yesterday morning but not enough to soak in. I feel so bad for the folks out west who are facing the wildfires that are endangering whole communities. I hope they get some relief soon. So much woodland that is tinder dry, gone up in fire and smoke.

Saturday, H came to visit with the purpose of doing some work in the attic. We managed to get a bit done, but it is like a furnace in there. H suggested that we have a yard sale, since there were some things that were too good to throw out but that I would never use. Between H and D and I, a decision has been made to have one in August. Here I am a Maritimer, and I have never held a yard sale. I've been to a few, but not on a regular basis. Folks here call it 'yardsaling' (not sure how to spell a made up word). I thought that was a right of passage for anyone adopting Nova Scotia as their home, but I guess I came before that law was in the books.

Not a very exciting post, but it is all I got.....(smiles and chuckles)

Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graduation Time

It has been a hectic few days, but now all the celebrations are over, except for the celebration of Canada Day today.  The hectic days refer to the high school graduation of my eldest granddaughter, and the middle school graduation of my youngest. One forgets how much goes into a high school graduation, what with prom, banquet and the actual graduation, and the multitude of pictures taken.
Not so much for the middle school, but still a big step in my L's life. Heading off to high school and lots of new adventures. For R it will mean moving away from home to begin University in the fall. Things will definitely be different for Mom and for Grammy.

It must be okay for a grandmother to fill up with pride in her girls, not just the graduates but also their Mom, and their Aunt H. Seeing them together, I just wanted to hold on to them so tight. They are so precious to me.

Life goes on, and each of "my girls" (which is what I call the four of them), have their own paths to take. The older ones are further along and have made their big life decisions. The younger ones are yet to see their future unfold. Lord bless them as they begin on their new paths.

Pictures in the orchard

Graduation Day
Both ceremonies were on the same day

All dressed up for the prom

It is a weary grandmother who now writes this. I am physically and emotionally drained, but such joy fills my heart. Soon these events will be but memories, but good ones I hope. A family gathering, parents and grandparents who want nothing more than a wonderful memory of two young ladies who have accomplished something special. I might add that they both graduated with honours.
The summer days will be filled with fun and adventure and work (on the farm) until September rolls in and a new stage begins.