Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get at it, girl!

The number of times I have sat here, and told myself to put something together for the blog, can't be counted. Why is it, that I start a blog, and then go weeks without posting? Sometimes, perhaps, it is because I feel I have nothing important to say.  I have read other blogs, with such wise words, and I think I can never write like that. I always have a tendency, no matter what I am doing to compare it with others, and I always come away feeling very critical of my own work. This is not a good trait, and I have to talk to myself and point out that comparing oneself with others is a waste of time and energy. I can only be who I am, and do what I can, the best that I can.......

So from now on, I will write what I feel, whether it makes sense to anyone else or not. That is why I started this in the first place, as an outlet for thoughts, feelings, and pictures that I want to share, like this little guy, doing his/her own thing, not mindful at all of the one watching and clicking.