Saturday, February 20, 2021

Lambs, lambs, and more lambs, hooray!

 Well, I finally got to go to Ironwood Farm, to see Heather and Rupert, and all of those baby lambs. Oh, it's my happy place for sure. It was cold, but it was great to see all the ewes and their little ones. And we had takeout lunch from the Flying Apron, which was so good. (It always is).  I got the Captain's lunch and supper ready for him, so he could get them himself, and off I went with Dawn and Lindsay. A whole day away, to my happy place. YES!!!!! Rae and Colton joined us and we had a great day together.

Several of the lambs need extra nourishment and are bottle fed. There were several sets of triplets and I think some quads. Now I must say that I was so busy looking that I didn't get pictures taken. Duh.

Here we are feeding one group of lambs

This is a special little girl, whose name is Squishy.
Rupert found her squished by probably her mother's foot, and
she was cold and needed attention. She spent some time in the
house, and seems to be none the worse for wear, but she likes
snuggles. I could have snuggled her all day.

I asked Lindsay to take a picture with my phone, and she did,
every 30 seconds. When I looked I had about 12 pictures of me and Squishy.
I won't bore you with the rest of them.

Their little faces are so sweet.

I do believe that this is one picture that I managed to take.

This is the farm, with its snowbanks.

This is the snow at my place

And, I could not post without a picture of Aslan. He 
missed me while I was gone. I think this is the longest I have been 
away, since last February.

Both the Captain and Aslan survived the day.

As a caregiver, the few hours away were a welcome change of pace. Good for the spirit, emotions, mental health, and mind, (which I am slowly losing).

Friday, February 5, 2021


 And just like that, January is gone. We had a good dump of snow on the ground this morning, and then it has been raining all afternoon. Ahhh, winter in Nova Scotia. I haven't been plowed out yet, but I didn't really expect to be. (We did get plowed out around supper time.)

We are, like the rest of the world still on guard against the virus. Our province continues to do well, with 0 new cases one day and perhaps 1 the next. I think we have 10 or 11 active cases.

And just like that it's the next day, the sun is shining, I see blue sky, and a lot of the snow has disappeared. I made my way around the puddles in the driveway to take my green bin and recycling bags out to the road side .There is still lots of snow on the lawn and in the woods.

Ventured out for a walk to the mailbox. It's a little ways down the road. Our mailbox was lying in the snow, a victim of the snowplow or the heavy snow thrown against it. Needless to say the items in the mailbox were like wet rags. Sent a text to dear daughter #1, telling her of my problem, and she said she would have a look. Not a half hour later there she was, the jack of all trades to the rescue. She was able to put it back up, a temporary fix, and a new mailbox will be on the to get list. Fingers crossed that the fix will hold until Spring.

Lambing time has begun at Ironwood. I would love to get there before the lambs get too big. They grow so fast. One ewe had triplets, and another had a big single lamb that Daughter #2 had to give help to. I think the running total is 13, last I heard, and it is probably more by now.

I have taken very few pictures in the past few months, so I have nothing to share right now. I'll see what I can find.

So, I looked, and I really have nothing to show. I am really falling down on the job. If I was more active, and could take walks in the woods, or snow shoe in the orchard, I would have some neat photos to share, as my daughters do. I can just see it now, as I find myself lying in the snowbank, because my legs gave out. There I am, on my back, staring at the cloudy sky, getting wet and cold, and thinking that I would just lie there until my strength returned, or wait till spring, or.....never mind, it's a silly thought.

Since it has taken me 4 days to get this far, I think I will post this before Aslan, who is now lying beside the laptop, anxious to do something bad, looking at me with half closed lives, is purring away. Maybe I'll try and get a picture.......

                                                     And here he is, such a good little kitty

I have been working on this painting for
months. It's not finished yet. 

And this is it till next time.

Stay safe all.