Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunday Adventure

I had a very delightful afternoon with Dawn this past Sunday. Following Church and lunch, we went to Blue Beach. It was a warm afternoon, and a little bit of a walk was ahead of me, but I had high hopes that I would be okay, not really knowing what was coming.

After parking, we headed down a path through the woods, and I am not sure how long it was but I managed to walk it, stopping only once or twice.

Blue Beach is an ocean rock beach,where the Avon River empties into the Bay of Fundy, and is known for the fossils of the lower carboniferous period that a person can find on the beach itself. At most, you find common fossils, but I think that rare ones have been found in the past. I walked the beach with Dawn for a short distance, then found a nice log to sit on while Dawn carried on further along the beach.

I am not sure how long we spent on the beach, but the walk back out was very hard on the old legs, probably because of the heat and going uphill. Dawn was very patient with me, though I seemed to have to stop every 10 steps or so. However, I MADE IT! Even with the pain, as I have said before, it was totally worth it. Having Dawn hold my hand and her patience with me, enabled me to accomplish the hike up to the parking lot.

 I am sharing some of the pictures I took on the beach.

Somewhere, over there, across the water is
Heather's Ironwood Farm.

The cliffs are soft shale and sandstone, which erode
rapidly with the storms and tide and there are always
new discoveries because of this.

Above is what is known as Paleophycus or worm burrows.
There were a lot of these on the shore.

I think these folks were fishing for some kind of bass

My resting place

Here is a tree that is still clinging to the side of the pathway with
a lot of its roots bare and uncovered. I thought it looked really neat.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Weeks' End

First off, I need to correct a part of my last post. I had my little greatgrandkitties' names confused. The one I called Sully was actually the no name one, so I stand corrected. No name actually has a name now, though it took over a week to get one. His name is Piper, and it fits him to a T. Both have loud motors, and are most comfortable now in their new home. I managed to stay away for about 4 days, until this morning, when I just had to get down there and see the boys, especially since Piper just got his name last night. :) Oh my goodness they are so sweet. I love them to pieces.......

I managed to do something to my back this past week, but it is much better now. I put together a rather large bookcase, last week, and then on Tuesday, I picked up a heavy file box, full of books. The next morning........I knew I had done something I shouldn't have done.  Needless to say I didn't get much done for two days, but today has been better, though there is just a twinge.

I have decided that after having the racoon take off with my good bird feeder
that I would make due with two cheapy feeders from the Dollar Store.
They are working out well, and only once has the racoon returned to steal the 
copper one, but he didn't get far with it for some reason and I was able
to rescue it the next day.
I have also decided that the little sparrows or sparrow like birds are
quite fascinating. I am having trouble figuring out exactly what kind they are for 
sure. They have neat little songs, and one at least doesn't seem to mind me 
sitting there and watching, even taking a picture or two. For all
the above pictures I am less than 4 feet from them. I have also taken
some with my phone, putting them on instagram.

This is the bird feeder thief, peering through the 
branches and daring me to try to get the feeder back.
I give up pal, it's all yours. (for now)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Some New News....

I am delighted to say that my daughter has adopted two sweet little boys.........boy kittens, that is. They are just as cute as they can be at ten weeks old. They are rescue kittens, and litter mates.
I tried to get a few pictures, but they moved around quite a bit, and perhaps were a bit nervous, as it was the first evening with their 'new family'. I deleted more pictures than I kept, because most of them looked like this.....

This one would have been nice if he hadn't moved

I caught this one eating. At least he was still.

This little one's name is Sully  No Name but his brother  is called
NTBD......(Name to be determined)...Sully

Sully   No Name playing with paper

 Since my Sadie left me, and Dawn's dog died, I have had few chances to cuddle four footed creatures, except for my trips to Heather's to see their flock, cat and dog.
Should I admit that after spending 1&1/2 hrs with the kittens last night, I just had to stop in for a short visit at noon, to see how they made out on their first night in their new home. They are quite content it seems to me.  Did I mention that they are so cute?

I took a few pictures of the evening sky. It had been overcast all day, and then in the evening it brightened quite a bit.

An old bean thrasher on its last legs. We used to use
it many years ago. The Captain wanted to use it
for a farm sign, never happened.
Now it just lies there, falling apart little by little.
The best laid plans.....

That's the exciting news this week. I am sure I will post more about these little guys.

I have corrected the little guys' names........

Saturday, June 4, 2016


       I have been sitting for the last twenty minutes or so, just watching the birds that are coming to my bird feeder. In my attempts to keep the seeds away from the squirrels, I have hung the feeder in a different place, where there are no branches for the squirrel to use as a jumping off spot. I wondered if the birds would come, and as I watched, a goldfinch, a chickadee and a purple finch came to eat.

      It didn't take to long, and there was the squirrel sitting on a branch about eight inches away from the feeder. He reached out, stretched and put his front feet on the top of the feeder. The feeder twirled and the squirrel did a flip, still clinging to his branch. He did this sort of 'trick' several times, but he didn't give up. Eventually he managed to get to the middle part of the feeder and was able to get a few seeds. It was a very precarious perch and he ended up falling to the ground. Perseverance must be his name, since he ran across the grass, back up the tree to the same branch and did the same thing all over again. It seems that I can not win this game that 'Percy' is playing with me. It is as if he is saying to me, "Ha ha ha, you can't get ahead of me..." I think perhaps he may be right.

You can just see the branch that he stretches from
(upper middle)

He slips and slides as he tries to get the seeds.
He does get one at a time, eats it, and puts his
head down for another.

He has just landed on the ground, whoomph! though
he doesn't seem to be hurt at all

He just happened to bring a seed with him, and needs to eat 
to build up energy for his next foray.

     He is a cute little fellow, but I am not buying bird seed for him, even if he is a talented athlete. I shall get my handy dandy saw and cut off a bit of the branch and see if that will make a difference.

     Well, on another topic, I have been hearing this buzzing sound in my head for over a year now, and I finally saw an the specialist, and also had the hearing test. My hearing is good in the normal range, but apparently it is the high range that is my problem. It has to do with the nerves and the cells dying due to my age, and although I still can't understand all of it, this buzzing is the result......not too much I can do about it. I could get a hearing aid just to shut out the noise......maybe, but for now I will just live with it, knowing that there is nothing else wrong with my ears or my head. (As far as the hearing go, that is.....)

That's all for now.....