Tuesday, May 29, 2018

And so it is May, past the middle of May, and I don't know how I got here. The days roll by and all of a sudden I realize how many have past. I look back, and wonder what, if anything I have accomplished.
I have spent some time finishing a painting and sending it off to a friend, and I have made some felt critters for some friends at a coffee shop. I've also done a few abstracts, but that is about all.
Weariness is my constant companion, and after a visit with the doctor, and a change in meds, I am not sure how I am feeling. I am half way through stopping one and beginning another and trying to decide if it is making any difference yet. Blood tests and an x ray also added to my itinerary, and another Dr. appointment in a week. If wishing could make me energetic and strong I would be jumping up and down, getting out to weed and clean out my garden, such as it is, and get a wrought iron pole for my bird feeder. I fear my friendly birds have felt abandoned, since I haven't put food out for them in weeks. A couple of raccoons were raiding the feeder so I decided to stop.
My daughter is busy in the orchard now as Spring had bought decent weather most days. Blossoms on the early varieties are ready to come out. I must get over and take a walk through the orchard, since she has also planted new trees. That will happen, if and when I ever get that strength and desire to move.
 I hadn't realized how depression can sneak up on you and take over without you realizing it. I have had no desire to eat for months, and told the doctor that I didn't care if I ate or not. Along with other symptoms, it seems that though I thought I was doing okay the old depression was having its way with me. Hopefully the switch in medication will work. I didn't realize my not caring attitude was affecting my health and causing my girls concern. Now I must do my best to set their minds at ease.

Here are a few photos of the work I have done, and perhaps I will throw in a few of Aslan, who does his best to keep me from working on my projects, bless his little feline heart.

This post has sat for days, so I will publish it today as it is now the 29th of May. 
Ahhhhh.....someday perhaps I will get things done in a proper manner. .......