Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blue Skies......and snow

The days have been running together as usual, and sometimes I have to think about
what day it is.  I am having trouble settling down and finishing the various
tasks that are on my to do list.
When I come to writing something I can hardly remember when I took the pictures.

It doesn't matter I guess because it was just so great to see the blue blue of the sky
even if there were puffy clouds.

Of course I knew it couldn't last, and on Sunday past the picture below is what I woke to.

It was pretty, but it was April 10th......


Floyd had a pretty good hour with the patients at Rehab last Wedenday.
He was up to his regular tricks, flirting with all the gals, and
shaking hands with the men. He had so many hugs and kisses that he
was totally washed out when he got home.

Below is a picture of the gang, friends of Floyd. There is little lambchop, baby bear,
Ed Eagle, Baby Lamb, Mr Crow and Black Kitty.
They talked to the group, up close and personal and again each got lots of hugs and
kisses, and each ended up being cuddled by someone.
We also sang a few songs, and I played my uke. Then to close off we sang
a couple of hymns and I played the piano.
This unit at the Rehab is for Alzheimer patients, and they laughed and sang,
so I guess Floyd accomplished what he had set out to do.

I think that is all I have to share today.
The sun is shining as I write.
Frost covers the ground.
Snow is forecast, but I think I heard that it won't hit the valley.

We shall see what we shall see........I'll let you know

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sunday Sunrise, Food and Floyd

Oh my. I thought I should get this posted before next Easter...... one day runs into the next and my writing sits in draft stage until I get around to actually posting.

Around 50 people braved the frosty early morning to attend our Sonrise Service on Easter Sunday Morning. The service is short, but quite lovely as the sun rises and scripture read, praises sung and Easter greetings said. I didn't manage to get a shot of the whole group before we started, so my shots don't show the whole group.

The ground is covered with frost

Two little sweethearts, one with a big smile, and the other
not too sure whether she wants to be there or not.

Colton, Rae, Dawn and Lindsay

Easter breakfast, following the service back at the church.
This photo was a posed one. "Take our picture Bonnie."

Enjoying the breakfast, prepared by our great Social Committee

This weird looking little fellow is Floyd. He has been retired for a decade or more, but is making a come back for at least one visit. He used to go, with his various friends, to entertain kids at the local schools, libraries, birthday parties, and even told a few children's lessons during church or in Sunday School. His favourite time was with the little ones who came to what was called Baby Band, which doesn't exist any more. All of this activity was many years ago, so he should be rested up for his visit to a local Rehab centre. He was invited by the activity director, and he thought quite hard about it, but in the end decided that he was willing to give it a shot. He will take a few friends.......a black cat, a crow, an eagle, a cow, and perhaps a few more. Here's hoping he will be on his best behavior, as he tends to get himself in trouble at times. He has his 'retired' shirt on so will have to dress up a bit for the occasion. Perhaps he will pose for a picture in his dress up shirt. You can see that his tongue is quite long. He actually had to have tongue replacement surgery after the little ones pulled it many many times. He has had ever so many adventures over the years. We shall see what happens on Wednesday if he still has the old spark. He's taking me along, so here's hoping I still have the spark as well. Perhaps I will take a picture of his friends as well and post on the next blog.

Floyd....4 years old forever

Have a good week all