Friday, October 18, 2013

A Whole Month...

.....has passed since I last blogged. Am I now a monthly blogger? Sometimes I get a real go on, posting several blogs in a row, and then days go by before I write again.

Ah, such is the life of an undisciplined blogger.

I have been reading lots of very interesting blogs though, and one blog has encouraged me to let the art out, so I have been working on that.

My life is so ordinary, that I have nothing exciting to share, and that holds me back.
However, if I think hard about it, being exciting, was never the idea when I started this. My daughter had encouraged me to blog my thoughts. really wouldn't want to read some of my thoughts, so it is a good thing that I do not post all of them.

I keep telling myself that if I don't have a neat picture to go with the blog, then it is not worth posting.
I know that is silly, and comparing this blog with others ends up being self-defeating.

I guess I am still in search of myself.....and at 70, I probably don't have a great deal of time left to find me. I am hiding in the shadows. I am hiding in the sorrows of loosing friends. I am hiding in the daily difficulties, aches and pains. I am hiding in the words that hurt and belittle. The painting is helping, and the weekly responsibilities keep me going.

Oh how I long to be a strong person, capable of overcoming obstacles without bruising.

Ah well, the days go by and I do the best I can, even if I go through self recrimination....
I will count my blessings, which are many, and carry on.
Not all the days are in shadow.
Sometimes the sun does shine.
Sometimes the wind is soft
And the rain gentle.
The storms will pass....