Thursday, April 11, 2013

Soon - Maybe - Hopefully.....

     Drizzle, overcast, temperature around 4C, but looking at the horizon, there is a brightness, and perhaps a bit of sun coming after a while. This week has been mostly very dull and damp. The forecasters are talking about some snow tomorrow and Saturday. How nice......
Oh well, that's the way it goes. I am learning patience and acceptance.

Sadie and I took a little walk around the property the other day, when the sun actually shone for a while. It was still a bit chilly, but the snow was gone. We went out to feed the birds, but Sadie was totally not interested.

Sadie's patiently waiting for me, mesmerized by the light

Sadie found her little blanket that had blown off the
line back in February.

Sadie's shadow, proof of the sun shining.
A look over the orchard, to the valley and the North Mountain

The blue sky looks so nice.
Soon, soon (I hope) the buds will burst forth, and the naked trees will get their new dresses of
green.  Soon. Soon the dried, dead grass will dissappear, making way for the new
shoots of green.
Soon. Soon.
Then, green will be my favourite colour.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where are you hiding......

The calendar says that spring is here, and so here is a picture of Spring on this Saturday morning, up on the mountain.....

For some reason, this picture reminds me of winter,
Sky gray, snow blowing sideways,
Winter don't you think?
Now, a few hours later, there is blue sky, with white clouds, and it is not snowing. Winter, and/or Spring are playing with my mind. I know Spring is there, lurking, waiting for just the right time to burst forth with its bud and new growth. She gave me a sign yesterday....

Ah yes, sweet crocus, pushing up to get a glimpse of sun, however fleeting. I feel like a little crocus, lifting my head to get whatever sight of the sun I can get, and feel the slight warmth that comes with it.
I cannot remember a time when I was so anxious for Spring. Perhaps that is because I haven't got a very good memory, and feel this way every year.
Soon, I keep saying to myself, soon....
let it be soon.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Family Gathering...

A Church family gathering, to be more specific. Many gathered at Fox Mountain, quite close to our church, to celebrate the Resurrection, at an Easter Sunrise Service. It was cold, the ground frosty, but we came together to worship. There were lots of hugs, and greetings, noisy chatter, and laughter, then a short service with songs and scripture. Then, as is our pattern, we went to the church to enjoy an Easter breakfast, cooked up by what has to be, the best 'Social Committee' in NS. Others, who had not been at the Sunrise Service, joined in, and once again there was lots of laughter, hugs, and of course eating.

As I look at the pictures I took, I am moved emotionally, as I see these 'family' members, each one so special in their own right. The young, the teens, the university students, home for Easter, parents, grandparents......members of my family, in spirit, if not by blood.

It was chilly, and there was still snow on the ground around us.
Back at the church....
This table was filled with youth and young adults

A little blurry, but I love this picture
Children are so precious, and seem to be able to bring the adults
down to their level. Is she sharing her cheerios?
I have lived in this community longer than anywhere else now, including the city where I was born, and lived 23 years. This is my family now, these special people who are so much a part of my life, and that of my children and grandchildren. I have seen little ones grow up into wonderful, intelligent, warm, friendly adults. Some, I taught in Sunday School, and now Sunday School teachers, with young families of their own. There are even a few around that have children in their 20's. That's a scary thought, and then I realize I taught my own girls, and Dawn's oldest is 16, and sports a beginner's driver's licence.
Ok, enough of thinking about how old I am.......I acknowlege I've been around for a while. Members of this family have shared their love, their support and their prayers, and have helped keep me going when the going got tough.. Some can read me like a book, dare I say.
 I am so very thankful for my church family.