Wednesday, May 24, 2017


...something to write about, but it has taken over a week to get to it.
Last Sunday, after Church,I went with Dawn, Rae and Lindsay to visit Ironwood Farm, and Heather. I love it when we can all get together, especially at Heather and Rupert's. It was a bit cool, but we had a wonderful visit with the ewes and lambs, and there sure were lots of lambs. Other friends from Halifax, Eva and Dave, were there too, and I consider Eva one of my 'girls' as well.

I couldn't get enough of the little ones. I could have pulled up a chair and sat there all day, but we were on a rather tight schedule, so I could get home by supper time for the Captain. Still, it was an excellent day. I will share some pictures of them.

Rupert's Greenhouse is thriving.

I have many more, but I will leave it here. Well, perhaps I will post another picture of Aslan.  Let's see...........

Always a little helper?

Guess that is it for now.
Be back soon, I hope.