Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wishes for 2015

Just a few hours left before the clock ticks over to 2015, so here are a few of my wishes for this new year.

I wish for:

more love and less hatred
more caring and less disdain
more good news stories and less bad news
more homes, food and clothing for those who are homeless, hungry and cold
more friends for those who are lonely
more seeing the good in people, and less finding fault

Sadie and I wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best in the 12 months to come. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Evening Sky

As the evening began to fall yesterday, the sky gave us an interesting display. My camera does not do sky well, so my pictures do not do the view justice. It was a very remarkable sky.

It was quite amazing as the lower light moved eastward over the North Mountain.

It rained most of the day yesterday, sometimes quite hard, but above
is a picture of what the weather was like today. Lots of sun, but
also very windy.

A bit of felting......a present I gave myself.

Felting is all that I really did today....taking it easy. 
Had my afternoon nap, as Sadie had me up at 5:30.
She has made it to Christmas, so perhaps she will
make it to her 11th birthday, on Jan. 8th.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

Sadie and I wish all my readers a

Very Merry Christmas

May this Christmas time be the time when you find
Peace and Joy
in the wonderful Gift of love

My Christmas Card to all.

Blessings, Joy and Peace

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Comfort and Joy

The wind was softly blowing
On that cold, clear winter’s night
And on the hillside, watching shepherds
Gazed at stars so bright.
And then in fear and trembling
They heard the angelic throng.
“Glory to God in the highest,”
Was their joyous song.

The shepherds hastened from the hillside
To a stable in Bethlehem town.
Before a manger where the Christ Child lay,
They worshiped and bowed down.
It was almost beyond their comprehension,
But in their hearts they understood
That this Babe in lowly manger
Had come for mankind’s good.

From the loving Heavenly Father
Came this tiny baby boy
Who would bring in infinite measure
Love and peace, comfort and joy.

We celebrate this Christmas
In the shadow of the cruel tree
Upon which the Savior gave His life
To bring salvation to you and me.
Let us open our hearts to this Christ Child,
As shepherds and magi did long ago,
And bow in adoration
Of the One who loves us so.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Saturday: Everything is covered with a dusting of frost this morning, like powdered sugar.

Tree went up yesterday, with lights (though they are not sitting evenly on the branches). I turned them on this morning in the early darkness, and they actually didn't look as bad as I thought they would. They shall stay that way.

I don't know what it is that causes me to have so much trouble getting into some sort of Christmas Spirit. I keep blaming it on baggage from years past.

Monday:  Well, I must tell you about my Sunday afternoon. My granddaughter is in a choir, as I have mentioned on other occasions. There was a special Christmas concert yesterday, with Lindsay's choir and two other youth choirs from our area. The music was absolutely beautiful. What great gifts the two directors have, to take a multitude of children from very young to older teens, and create music which at times actually makes you tingle. My friend P joined me and she really enjoyed it too. It is a huge commitment for both the directors and the young people.

This morning P and I visited a very talented J who has talents galore. She has no less than 6 decorated trees in her home. Themed trees, like the gingerbread tree and the nutcracker tree. Oh my, they are so beautiful. You definitely know it is Christmas with her beautiful, mostly home made decorations about. Everything is so beautiful. She has a big, old home, the type that suits all the decorations. Of course, she loves to decorate, and it shows in the presentation of the various rooms.

I think I may have a theme for my forlorn little tree - "Teddy Bears and Snow people, silver balls and some odds and ends". No, that's much too long..... Ah well.......That's the best I can do. Some folk just have that special knack, and J"s got it!

 Tuesday: Early morning found me watching the tree lights in the dark and adding a few final ornaments, holding the home made ones from my granddaughters' early years, and placing a few teddy bears for Sadie, who for the first time in many, many days decided that she wanted to play with one. She pounced on it and shook it, and then had a coughing spell, then pounced again. Bless her little struggling heart, she is now having a good snooze, which is how she spends most of her days now.

We are, as I always seem to say, 'hanging in', one day at a time.

Christmas is getting very near.........

Monday, December 8, 2014

Professor Should

I had a long discussion with Professor Should today. We meet periodically, usually when I am stressed. She shows up unannounced and we begin our session.

The Professor doesn't listen, she usually natters on about all the things I should do.......the result of this session:

Professor Should says;

You should be getting all those decorations out of the attic, and start making this place Christmasy.

Don't you think you should decorate the outside more?

If you were a good mom and grandma you should be making all kinds of Christmas goodies.

You should get that tree up soon!

You still have shopping to do. You should get that done in the next few days!

Haven't you got those cards done yet? You should finish them tomorrow!

Should, should, should!

There were also some 'should nots':

Should not take an afternoon nap. It wastes time.

Should not say 'no' to things people ask you to do.

Should not spend time on the computer - waste of time

Should not go to bed so early.....

After our session, which lasted most of the day, I finally left, slamming the door thinking.....

     You, professor, should go should yourself'.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh What Fun it is to slide...

......through the days leading up to Christmas. That's what I am trying to do....slide into Christmas. 
But, of course, when you slide down a hill,
you have to get back up to the top
meaning you have to walk.
And there in lies the problem.

The above information was on face book, It pretty well sums up my life.
I was going to carry on and make a few jokes about what fibro 
does to me through most days,
but as I think about it, I am in no mood to laugh,
and I am too tired tonight to finish writing this.

The slide down the hill is no fun....

Enough said.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's Snowing.....again

I suppose it's to be expected. The weather has been very changeable, with snow, then rain, and back to snow. I am just glad that I don't live in Buffalo, where they have been hit with a great pile of snow.

Last weekend I took some pictures of the snow, and it has taken me this long to settle down to write.

This should have been the first picture, taken just
as the snow was beginning, and then the above 3
came in order.

Sadie is still hanging in. She sleeps quite a bit now, and has become very talented in spitting out one of her pills. Her tongue does all manner of twists and turns, as she works to get rid of this little white half sphere of medicine. We have not been sleeping well at night, because she finds it necessary to relieve herself in the wee small hours. If she makes it until 5:30 am, I stay up, since there is not a hope I will be able to go back to sleep. Yesterday and the day before she slept till 8, but had been up at least twice through the nights.

I am doing a little felting still, but have pretty well finished all I wanted to accomplish. I really need to begin thinking about Christmas shopping, though I don't buy a lot. Christmas music for the choir has all been planned, and that is a good thing, as there are a few Christmas events coming up that I will be helping out with, and along with other 'to do' things, I did not need to be concerned every week about what the choir would sing.

My cards have not come from the printers, but I am hoping to get them early next week, then the addressing and writing can begin.

There are certainly lots of things that need doing, so I am hoping my energy doesn't give out on me. I am finding that small afternoon naps have been a necessity lately.

Yesterday, I felt I had sufficient get up and go to run a few errands.....well, it started out that way. I decided that I would take the Captain's empties to the recyclers so I loaded 4 cases of 24 bottles into the car, and headed for the recycle place. Upon opening the trunk of the van, a rushing waterfall of green bottles came roaring out of the car and onto the ground, smashing and crashing, before I could get the door closed. Oh my! I thought I would cry...but I didn't, though I did stand there for a few minutes....looking at the mess on the ground, and wondering why I just hadn't stayed home. Anyhow, I asked the folks inside for a broom and dustpan, and proceeded to sweep and pick up the broken glass. What a mess! I thought I could be part of an old Carol Burnett comedy sketch. The story of my life. As it turned out, one of the boxes had fallen on its side and 18 of the 24 had fallen out, only 6 of which survived the plunge. I meekly returned the broom and dust pan inside, having put the broken glass in a coffee can that just happened to be in the back of the car. The gal inside gave me a hand bringing in the other boxes. When I came out, I just sat in the car, feeling like a truck had run over me. Did I feel able to carry on to the Library, store and favourite coffee shop? I turned the key, and backed out, heading directly home. I had had enough, and it was time for one of those afternoon naps!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I've been felting..

I've been busy for the last little while felting Christmas items.
I know, some people don't want to think about it yet,
but when you want to make things, 
you have to think a little bit ahead.
It is preferable to watching the rain fall and hearing the wind blow.
I just go into my little world, and shut out the rest.
Sometimes, it is the only way to get through the day.

The little snowman behind the lamb is about an inch 
and a half high.

Sometimes I get carried away with my sillyness. 
The little bear on the right 'just rolled down a snow covered hill
(in my mind of course)

I also finished the paintings for the Children's Wish silent auction. I haven't heard how they made out, but I hope they made a substantial amount. They do such marvellous things.

You can see that I am not a very good photographer, or I would have realized that my camera was reflected in the picture below. It is a painting of a shoreline close to us on the Bay of Fundy, Victoria Beach, though there really isn't a 'beach', but more rocky shore.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Some great big Month Monster took September and October and SCRUNCHED THEM TOGETHER, creating a new month of SEPTOBER!!!!!!!

This must be true, because there is no way the last six weeks have gone by this fast, except if some day stealer, hour shrinker, or month monster was messing around. No matter what your calender tells you, it lies......6 weeks have been mushed into 31/2 to 4.

I have been doing a little needle felting, after showing some ladies the basics (what little I know).
Halloween was on the agenda it seems. I am now working on some things for the Children's Wish Auction coming up in November.

the three heads are finger puppets

The last few weeks have found me going from one thing to another, but I have been very lax in writing anything on the blog, and reading the blogs I follow. I will probably never get caught up in the reading of past blogs. Sometimes it is just better that I step back from some things. Some days just carry too much sorrow, and other days seem to only carry a cloudy vagueness where stabbing a needle into wool is the only thing worth doing.

I also have been doing a bit of baking for the orchard crew. The spilled oatmeal didn't hold me back.

Painting is on the agenda now, also for the Children's Wish.

I just keep plodding and day at a time.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiptoe Through the Rolled Oats...

Ah, yes, a cooking adventure gone wrong.....

Fibro hits again...

I thought I would do a few things this morning. I would make some squares for Dawn and the apple pickers......Oh yeah. Good idea, Bonnie. You are up to it today.

Plans set.....make two different sweets, and then make some fish chowder for the Captain.

        I haven't gotten to the chowder yet......I can't wait to see what happens. What will land on the floor?

I am aware that fibromyalgia sometimes causes me to lose my grip. I happens at the most unexpected times, like when you are trying to measure out 3 cups of rolled oats. It was supposed to go into the pot, not on the floor. Of course, I am thrilled to death. You can hear it in my voice as I yell,

                 "OH THAT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Poor Sadie. She just looked at the mess, then at me, then followed me around as I swept up so I could finish a very simple, 'no work' square. It's a good thing this was the second one, because I quit.
Why isn't anything simple in my life? Why am I so simple. I get so mad at myself I could scream. Maybe it wasn't the fibro, Maybe I am just awkward, a duffus. 

It's break time.....before I begin the chowder. I have vacuumed up the kitchen, the rug where I tracked the oats, to get the camera, and emptied my shoes. It was such a simple recipe.....easy, but the cleanup took more time than the making.

Was it just yesterday, I sat in my favourite coffee shop, enjoying the peace, my coffee, and a chat with Sarah? Yes. Lovely. I needed that. I wish I had it now. I almost had a melt down at choir on Thursday, because I let things pile up on me, instead of just letting go. My thoughts put pressure on me, and drive me a little around the bend. If it was a big deal, perhaps I could understand my emotions, but it was no big deal, I just can't get my thoughts organized. 

I have to go....I have said enough......I have let off I shall continue with this day.

Be brave my soul
This too shall pass
On to new adventures
Can't wait
I am inspired........NOT!

Friday, September 12, 2014

McMaster's Mill with Sadie

A few days ago, on a beautiful early evening, Sadie and I went for a little truck ride, just down the road about 10 minutes, to a lovely spot called McMaster Mill  Historic Park.

This park was created on the site of the old mill.
 A lovely place to wander, listen to the rushing water, and
imagine what things were like back in the mid 1800s.
It was developed just 2 or 3 years ago.
There are nice trails and lookoffs, well maintained.

Sadie leading the way. Decisions...decisions...
Go left Sadie or we'll never make it back....

There are reminders of the buildings that once were there.

Looking down to the water

Standing beside the river 

There are places to sit and rest, or enjoy a coffee/lunch

Two boards tell the history of the mill.
The mill was in operation in 1913
There were lots of buildings as you can see.
In 1923 the business was renamed E.R. McMaster and Sons
It relocated to Kingston in 1954 after 96 years of milling
at Rockville Notch.
In the mid 1800s there was first a watermill, a grist mill
and blacksmith shop, that formed the Rockville Co., a
lumber business

Looking way down to the bottom of the falls

The upper part of the falls
In the spring the water really rushes over the rocks
It is much lower this time of year.

Sadie says it is time to head back up the hill.
Yes, and it only took us about 4 rest stops to get back to the truck.
It is so much harder going up, than coming down
but we made it!!!!!!

I thought I would just throw this in. 
It is a shot of the valley below from our road on the mountain

And that was our little adventure to Rocknotch.
I was bushed, but glad we had gone
so I could share this little place
with you.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

North Mountain Tapestry and North Mountain Coffee

     During my granddaughter's big weekend I was introduced to two places that I had never been to before.

The first was North Mountain United Tapestry, in Harbourville. It is a Cultural and Heritage Society, begun in 2013 when women in the area decided that they could re-purpose the United Church building, and make it a meeting place that would celebrate the "culture, commerce and quality of life of the surrounding North Mountain communities." This is the building where the Gala Days Opening was held, along with a desert contest.
      It is here that the community holds work shops, the North Mountain Market, and still holds the Christmas Eve Service and anniversary service in the building. There are still pews in place on one side of the building, and the other side has tables and chairs, a coffee kiosk with baked goods and North Mountain Coffee, and shelving. Their brochure says they have art classes, a regular knitting group and concerts. They can be found on facebook . The dedicated volunteers are researching the history of the church. I am going to keep my eye on their facebook page, and hopefully get out there for an event or two. The building is right on the coast of the Bay of Funday, not far from the Harbourville wharf.
     It is wonderful to see a church building still being used as a place where neighbours can gather and be united in community. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures when I was there, so I shall have to go back, if for no other reason than to get some shots.


The second place is the North Mountain Coffee House in the town of Berwick. I have travelled a bit, and am always delighted when I come across a neat little coffee shop. There is one on Grand Manan, New Brunswick which I really liked, and could have spent more time there. in my own backyard, 10 minutes away is a marvellous little coffee house called North Mountain Coffee. My daughter introduced me to it while we were waiting for the children's parade to start, and I am so glad.
There is history behind this building, and Sarah the server was happy to tell me about the building. I hope I have the facts right, but apologize in advance if they aren't exact. The building was first a bank, built in 1922, then a Fire hall, then the Town Hall/Library. It was the Town Hall in the early days of my time here. At least I took some pictures in order to share with others the atmosphere, if possible. There are lots of books on the shelves to purchase, which is nice since there are no book stores as such in Berwick. 

A comfy couch to sit on and enjoy the coffee

Friendly Sarah, and some goodies in the glass case.

Tables at the front of the shop

The structure on the left is the original bank vault outer wall

If the weather is nice, enjoy your coffee outside

Doesn't this look so nice?

So, a person can travel all over, and end up finding something delightful very close by.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gala Daze

  The big weekend is over, and I think I have one very tired granddaughter. There were 9 young ladies involved in the Princess Pageant (though I don't really think pageant is the right word here). Each was sponsored by a business or group, with Rae sponsored by her Community.

  It was a busy time for the girls, beginning mid afternoon Friday, a Grand Opening Friday night at The North Mountain United Tapestry (which I will talk about in a future blog), a full day Saturday, including the Tea, where the Gala Day Queen was chosen, then on to other activities the remainder of the day. All of the girls were involved in everything, being present for all the things that were going on. There was even a Teddy Bear Picnic.

 Sunday, the 'royal party' attended the service at our church which was very nice. Again there were other events through the day where the girls were present, a great fireworks display at night, and then it all culminated with the Children's Parade on Monday morning, and the Street Parade in the afternoon. I am pretty sure that all of the girls, who very nicely represented their sponsors were in a daze by that point. The float from the community was nicely decorated and won the title of the best over all of the entrants. Rae said that she really enjoyed it all, and that it was fun, but very busy. I am glad for her that she enjoyed the experience. I have a few pictures, which I will share. Let me say as a proud grandmother that she was a very poised young lady. I got so wrapped up in Rae, that I neglected to take any photos Friday night, and only took one at the tea.

Rae's father escorting her at the beginning of the tea

The Children's Parade - Rae and her 2 young attendants

The Community Float

Our very own Princess after the parade

I attended the opening night, the tea and the two parades. There were all kinds of activities 
happening, but for me, it was enough to support Rae. I am sure that it will be something
that she will always remember.......
Now...her last year of high school will begin on Thursday...
So hard for a Grammy to get her head around. 

Monday, August 25, 2014


Here we are. in the last week of August. It seems the summer has flashed by, and the mornings here are getting quite chilly....autumn coming....

     September will bring the beginning of routine, and I guess I'm looking forward to it, but I certainly hope that Miss September will bring with her a dose of energy, because I am seriously lacking in that area.

        I have spent the last several days painting, and now I think I will put the paints away for a week or so, and hit the books, searching for information on the book of 1st Samuel, and trying to come up with some new and inspiring songs for the choir. Both groups will be starting up early September.

Quite often I will see a little sparrow sitting on the lilies

Acrylic Abstracts

Acrylic Abstract

Rock Painting

Great Fun

That's all for now.......