Sunday, January 31, 2016

An End to a Busy Week

It seems to have been a very long week and I am quite weary tonight. I haven't had a chance until now to write this post.

I haven't too much to say this week, but I do have a few pictures to prepared for white, white, and more white.

The old apple tree in the back yard

The snow stayed on the trees a long time

Some of the pictures were taken in the early morning,
and I think that is why they are more blue and white.
Either that or my camera has a mind of its own.

We enjoyed a nice meal out with friends this evening, which was a good time.

Let's see what the next week brings, and what surprises might be in store.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Missed a Big One

Thankfully, the big snow storm that has battered the eastern United States, veered off  before doing any damage here in NS.  It is headed off across the Atlantic to England, Scotland and beyond, hopefully loosing strength as it travels, because I'm pretty sure that they don't want it. We did feel the chilling wind as the storm passed, but I think temperatures are going to moderate somewhat.

I thought I would get this writing done earlier today, but I did not sleep very well last night, and then I was up at 6:30 this morning, so my lack of sleep hit me hard this afternoon and I must admit that I had a little nap. Perhaps I tired myself out with my 'thoughts, after reading my book for an hour, pre sleep visions of skiing around the field next door, or going for a snow shoe hike through the orchard, or skating on the community rink.'  All of these things I would love to do, but can't. In my mind I think I can, but then reality trips me up and I see myself stuck in the middle of the field like a frozen out of work scarecrow, unable to move another foot, or sitting on a snow bank in the orchard waiting for Dawn to rescue me, or worse yet, laying flat on my back on the rink while little 4 year olds skate circles around me, then used me for a resting bench. Why is it that I think I am so much younger and healthier than I really am?

I did accomplish a few things this week. I finished a painting that has been on the go for months. I saw the picture on Ruth's photo blog, and asked permission to paint it. I am not totally pleased with the end product, but it is not too bad.

I also did some felting, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it......oh dear.....
I guess it is alright. It is a felted cushion, for a tractor seat, though it might end up on a rocker.

Some pictures of our last snow fall

Dawn heading out on her snow shoes.....

I am sure I had more I wanted to say in this post, however, I have just run out of steam,

I wonder if sleep will be elusive again tonight........

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's Our Turn Now

As I type, the wind is blowing and the snow is falling, and we are probably going to get around 20cm of the flakey stuff before morning….this is on top of the freezing rain we received earlier today. I had to make a trip down the mountain to the pharmacy, and light freezing rain began just as I left. By the time I headed back up the mountain, the road was covered with ice. I made it home safely, and have not been out since.

                The week has been a strange one. It rained on Monday, and snowed on Thursday. I cancelled our first choir practice because of the snow that day. At this point weather folk are broadcasting a winter storm warning. Uh huh…..a winter storm is what I saw out my window…. Well, it is winter in Nova Scotia, and it is January.............

Sunday morning and church is cancelled, and now tiny snow flakes are falling. I couldn't have gotten out of the driveway so hadn"t planned on going. I suspect we had around 20+ cm which is about 8".

I have a new little "pet." She's quite easy to care for. :)

she is rather a weird looking turtle.

.....very weird....

Some pictures of our snow as it was building up yesterday.

I just went out and shovelled the porch and took the snow off the car for the Captain, so he
could do some plowing. That snow is heavy. I think it is time for a little rest. 
So glad that I don't have to go anywhere today.

Hope you are having a good day where ever you are.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rain and Wind....

       It's the beginning of another week. This past week was more or less uneventful, except for a great luncheon date with good friends. Lots of laughter and good conversation, along with a wee bit of foolishness, which is par for the course with us. They say laughter is good for your health. Hoping that is true.

We have some snow on the ground, but according to weather forecast rain and high winds are coming this evening and tomorrow. We shall see. The rains and wind have been buffeting the folks across the ocean, and down in the southern U.S. Floods, floods and more floods. One really doesn't know what to think about what strange weather is happening everywhere.

In Nova Scotia, the weather is quite variable but not with the extremes that happened last winter. Most of us have fingers crossed along with toes and eyes that the storms of last year are not repeated this year.

I haven't taken any new pictures, but I hope to get a few to share with you in the next little while.

It has been a quiet day today. I was very pleased with our choir this morning. At our biggest, we are 9, well,10 if you count me. This morning there were only 5, but they sang so beautifully. It is always amazing what God can do through us, when we choose to serve and do our best. They hadn't practised since before Christmas.

This is the week we start back to regular activities. I hope the weather co-operates.

My dear little Sadie would have been 12 this past Thursday. I still think of her, hear her and miss her so much, but it is getting easier most of the time.

The wind is picking up as I type. Wondering if the power will stay on tonight........

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Great Way To Begin the New Year

             I really do not do a great deal of celebrating during Christmas, finding most days very quiet. Things have changed quite a bit since my girls were little, and then when the granddaughters were small. I haven't stayed up to greet the New Year in a good many years. I prefer to celebrate with Australia or New Zealand, and watch their firework displays on the news.

However, yesterday was a special day of being with my girls, as I call the four of them. Two daughters and two granddaughters, the shining lights in my otherwise dull life. When I am with them, happiness seems to bubble over. They are my blessings.

Dawn drove Lindsay, Rae and I to Summerville to visit Heather, Rupert and his mother Barbara. Then, Heather treated us to a delightful meal at nearby The Flying Apron, where we had a wonderful meal and enjoyed exploring the premises. We had lots of laughs and great food. I so enjoyed myself. I kidded that I don't get off the mountain that much, so I am just like a kid with a cookie jar, or something like that.

I took lots of pictures, because I found The Flying Apron a magical place, warm and inviting and extremely enjoyable. It felt like I was on vacation and even had to buy a t shirt as a souvenir. I am a little nuts that way, but you would have to be me to understand my strange ways.

I shall take you on a little sight-seeing tour of this wonder place. The Flying Apron is an Inn and Cookery, offering Culinary Staycations and Getaways, with four, 4-Star rooms, a licensed dining room, garden patio,(which would be lovely in the warm months), an art gallery featuring local artists each month, and they also offer a Cookery School taught by their German Master Chef. I do not have any idea how old the building is, but because of the age, and what Chris and Melissa Velden have done, it is a treasure in Summerville, and people come from all over for their gourmet meals.

our nutty lovely gathering

another dining area

a gourmet food shop

Moving from the dining area to a lounge area.
The 4*rooms are up stairs

This lounge area is unique, and soon there will be a used book 
sale area here.  The Cookery School room is beyond the doors.

Lindsay quite liked sitting in front of the fire, (though I have no proof,
since I didn't get a picture of her there)
so when she would disappear, this is where she would be.

Another room for the local art. These were all pictures
done with needle felting. Amazing.

Here we are back out in the dining area with Chef Chris
behind the counter,

Melissa behind the counter where there were
lots of yummy desserts.

Another section of the dining room

Our server, Nancy, with whom I enjoyed lots of
laughter and joking. She's a sweetheart for sure. I might even
call her a kindred spirit..........

All in all a wonderful afternoon spent with family,
and the very welcoming owners and server.

Then we went back to Ironwood..........
one of my most favourite places!

Off to see the woolies

Look a the white face behind the sheep in the foreground.
She looks like an elf.....

So, I thank my girls for an absolutely wonderful day to begin this new year, and 
thanks to the Flying Apron for a great eating experience. (That is saying something,
coming from a person who rarely thinks of food). I only eat because I have to, but
once in a while I do enjoy it, and this was one of those times.

If you would like to check out the Flying Apron for yourself, here is their page..... 

The best of the New Year to all.