Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baskets and Kids

Though overcast most of the day, the sun has finally broken through and it is a lovely evening on our mountain.
I worked a bit in the garden, until the black flies drove me away. Sadie did her share, but welcomed the indoors as well.
I wanted to show the hanging baskets I received from my daughters and granddaughters, and also to show the pictures of my felting class. The classes are over for now, and at least one little one is so taken with the felting, that her mom has gotten her some wool, and needles, so that she can continue felting. I think that is so wonderful. The exploritories are held to introduce the children to new things, and perhaps spark their interest.  Mission accomplished.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching Up

I do believe I left out a very interesting adventure last posting, which left some wondering if I was in my right mind. Of course, the truth is that I very seldom am. I decided on the spurr of the moment, on Mother's Day, that what I would like was a ride on my son-in-law's motorcycle. It was not a very long ride, and the helmet was a little too big, and kept slipping down. I convinced myself that in order to see, I would have to just ....let.....go....of ....Joe..... which I did. Voila....scenery, until it slipped again. The second time, I didn't have to convince myself, and I shoved the helmet up for a better view.  I was glad I did it, go for the bike ride, I mean, though I could not have travelled very far. My posterior would have definitely revolted.

Sadie and I have spent many hours outside, since the days have mostly been warm and sunny. My little garden is looking up, finally, though there is still work to be done. Sadie has decided that she likes to work in the garden, and scratches up the ground where I am working. She works hard for about 30 seconds, then goes and lays down for a rest, which, come to think of it, is what I do, though I do work a bit longer than 30 seconds, and I just sit down for a rest. I have also done some whipper-snipping. I pay for it afterwards, but I so enjoy it, that the discomfort is worth it.

I finally got out to Ironwood, and the lambs and ewes are doing very well. The lambs have grown, but the latest twins born were still fairly small. They are just so adorable. I could have just sat down in the middle of the field, and petted and hugged and talked to them all for hours. I took lots of pictures, and will share some this time.

"Momma...Momma..., ooh, this isn't momma."

Sadie loves the farm

The latest set of twins

I promised you blossom pictures, so here they are...

The blossoms do not last very long, but friends were able to take some wedding pictures in the orchard last weekend, when the blossoms were still nice. I hope they turn out well.
Cheers for now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Humming Birds Are Back

I have several things on my list to write about tonight, but the first thing is my joy over having the humming birds back at my feeder. I always feel it is the same couple every year, (one never knows), but it matters not. The female is always Polly, named for a friend who loved the hummers. I've seen both the male and female, and I am still sure that their nest is near by.

My bird buddy, Hairy Woodpecker is still around, but is not being quite as bothersome with his pecking, or perhaps I am just getting used to the racket. He must be knocking bugs out from under the metal plate. He doesn't seem to be at it quite as early, and I'm wondering if he just sleeps in on cloudy, rainy, and windy mornings.

Yesterday, I spent time out in the garden, pulling weeds. I didn't keep up with it last year very well, but I am working to get it all cleared out. I have, what I call couch-grass, or quack-grass. It has long, long roots, and when you break a root, or pull part of the root out, a new plant will start from there. It is a never ending task. As I have said before, my garden is just a little one, but it is all I can handle. I bought a small folding stool to sit on and I can work a bit longer sitting, but it still hurts. I see some of the bulbs I got from Lindsay have come up. Now, if I could only remember what they were.......

We went to Ross Farm Museum last week, and enjoyed a few hours looking around.

Outbuildings on the farm

New little piggies

Friendly Cooper, working on putting an old barrel together for another museum

Farm house

Fire going in the kitchen

I had a great time with the girls in felting class today. They really use their imaginations. We started out with the idea that we would make little bears, and when I said they could use whatever colours they wanted, well, the bear idea flew out the window, and they created their own little "things".
I took a picture and will share it on another day.

The apple trees are in blossom, so I will get some pictures to share soon. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Winged Visitor and More..

Today is a rather chilly and overcast day on the South Mountain. The trees are beginning to show their green dresses, and the wild pear their white blossoms. A friend mentioned seeing a humming bird, so they are certainly here. I have prepared some sugar water, in hopes that some will find their way to my feeder. I usually have what seems like a pair, and on the rare occasion perhaps three or four, and I always enjoy them when they come. I suspect a nest is nearby, but I can't find it. They are so tiny, and usually up quite high in a tree. I have searched my pictures thinking I had some of my humming birds, but no luck.

This past Friday, Dawn and the girls and I drove to Halifax to see a play, put on by the Halifax Independent School. The play, The Boyfriend, was directed by Heather, and it was extremely well done. We all enjoyed it very much. It is amazing what kids in middle school can do. There was singing and dancing and a young man, who acting as an old man, stole the show. He was a riot. So good.

Saturday, I attended an Open House for friends who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. There was a wonderful turnout, and very enjoyable. This is the couple I painted the picture for, and was nervous about how they would like it. I am so glad to say that they did. I couldn't share the picture before, but I will now.

And now to our winged visitor. For the past several days, we have been hearing a noise, that sounded like there was a bird, stuck in our chimney. After the first time, I knew a bird was not in the chimney, because the noise stopped.  The next day, it was back, and Sadie was barking, which she normally doesn't do. This noise, however is not to her liking, and she couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from.  Yesterday, we saw what was creating this annoying sound. It is a Hairy Woodpecker, who seems to enjoy pecking on the metal rim at the top of our chimney. I can not understand why it keeps returning. It is making a valiant effort to do something, but is not getting too far, and is not doing its beak any favours, if you ask me. This morning, at 7:30 the peck, peck, pecking was back, and Sadie was barking. I went outside, hoping to get a picture of this alarm clock, but as soon as she noticed me, off she flew.  I tried a second time and still no luck. I wonder if she'll be back tomorrow......?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It will be just a short note tonight. The felting with the kids went well today, and I am looking forward to next week. I only had 3 out of the 5 who had signed up for the exploritory, but they were keenly interested and did quite well on their first project. We only had a few pricked fingers, including my own.

I took my camera, with every intention of taking pictures of the girls and their work, but I got so involved in what we were doing, that I didn't even think of snapping a few shots until I was leaving. Perhaps next week.

Anxiously awaiting tomorrow, when I will be able to pick up my framed pictures. Here's hoping that the finished pictures will look as good as I thought they would when I picked the frames.

One last thing. I got a phone call on Monday evening from a young friend in the big city of Toronto. She is a great gal, who was in our church choir, and youth group. She is studying to be a nurse. I almost didn't answer the phone, not recognizing the area code, but I sure am glad that I did. She also worked on the farm with us, and we got very close. It was wonderful to talk to her, and catch up on what's happening. She'll be staying in Ontario for the summer, though is hoping to get home in August. She is a very intelligent and artistically talented young lady. I was thrilled that she gave me a call. I shall give all the choir members a hug from her tomorrow night. We all just love her to pieces.

No special reason for these pictures.
They show a bit of our rugged coast on the Bay of Fundy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Month

The beginning of the merry month of May, so they say. It would be merrier if the weather warmed up a little, though I really shouldn't complain.  The heavy rain and wind of last weekend has taken most of the blossoms from the magnolia tree, and now it looks quite sad. On the bright side, the leaves are bursting out on the flowering crab.  A time for everything.

A quick update on Lindsay's "Give Kids the World" project.  She has taken in over $500 for the non-profit group. People have been very kind.

Sadie and I visited the "Jungle" a few days ago. Well, it is not really a jungle, but rather a patch of trees between us and our neighbours. When they were little, my girls would play with their friends here, among the trees, and as their imaginations took over it became the jungle. Rae and Lindsay have also found adventure in the jungle, and so Sadie and I decided we would take a look around.

We didn't spy any wild animals, though Sadie checked out all the smells and sticks and rocks.

The flowering crab

A busy buzzy bee. You can see a lot of petals on the ground.

At this stage, a few more blossoms were just coming out, but the pretty pink colour doesn't last too long.

Not a particularly good shot, but it is our view of the North Mountain.
Soon the leaves will be out and our view will be hidden for the most part.

Tomorrow, I'm off to school for a needle felting time with the kids. I'm looking forward to it.

Just one more picture, another abstract. Sometimes I wonder about me.....