Thursday, December 31, 2020

Farewell 2020

Yes, goodbye 2020, I'm not sad to see you go. What a strange year, not only for me, but the whole world. Covid 19 has wrecked havoc on us all. Here in Nova Scotia, we have been fairly lucky compared to most other provinces to our west. The Atlantic provinces have managed to keep numbers low, and that's a good thing. Still, I am being very careful, keeping my contacts low, and not going shopping unless absolutely necessary. We must wear masks in stores, and keep the physical distance. I did all my Christmas shopping in our local independent book store. I just didn't want to brave the bigger stores.

We still have health rules about gathering for worship services, masks and distancing, no singing, and it makes for a rather strange service with a small congregation spread out over the whole space.  I sure miss having the choir singing. Our pastor is doing double duty. He does an on line service, and the in person one. 

I think one of the main things I have missed for the past 9 months is being able to hug. At least I am able to hug my girls. I am still being careful to not have visitors except for 2 friends of  the Captain. They come Sunday morning for coffee, while I'm at church. 

I had a visit today from a young friend and his girlfriend. I felt bad that we had to chat outside, but that's the way it is. I was lovely seeing him. I've known him since he was a baby. He's such a nice young man. 

Now, the dishes are waiting for me, sitting on the counter, and I know they won't wash themselves. I really want to finish this before the year ends. Leave it on a high note so to speak. 

This is my Christmas card this year. 

Aslan having a little nap, where he shouldn't be napping of course.

He does this quite often, usually when I'm trying to accomplish something

for instance, when I am trying to paint

I had to put Aslan in the basement a few times to get these and 14 more snowflakes done.

You can see why I have to remove him.

Anyhow, this is it, the end of the year and the end of this post.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year
May we all stay safe
as we wait to get vaccinated

Thursday, November 19, 2020


 The last week of October and I can’t quite believe it. The colours have passed their best show, and leaves are now dancing to the ground.

One special thing during these past days has been the visit of Cardinals. The male has come 3 times and the female only once. I have never had a Cardinal to my feeder in the over 40 years I have lived here. The male is so beautiful with his deep red, and black, but the female is also beautiful in her dull colours.

The pesky squirrel has made his presence known. He does enjoy chewing up the plastic feeders, including the new one purchased this past week. When will I learn, metal is the only way to go. The chickadees are fearless. I can put a little cup on the porch step, and they will come, give me a look, and grab a sunflower seed, and leave. One after the other, they will do this. I am sitting perhaps 1/2 meter away.

And as usual, I am now into the 2nd week of November. I had planned to show the colour of the leaves, but now they are all on the ground. We have even had a bit of snow on the ground, but it didn’t stay long. At the present time we have had about 4 days of what might be termed Spring weather with temperatures in the mid to high teens. Very strange.

Pesky, sassy, fearless squirrel

First snow

I will post this today, otherwise it will be December before I get around
to it. I really don't know where the time goes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Already into August

Oh my, oh we are, already into August, and Covid 19 is still the main topic, though 
I am now able to hug my daughters and granddaughters, after 4 long months. Things are gradually opening here, but I am still not ready to head to the grocery store, or any big store. 
This last week has been extremely hot, and  people are out and about, to the beaches and parks. I hope they are all being wise and safe. We really need to think about others at this point, and wear masks and physically distance where possible. The Government of Nova Scotia  said that starting Aug. 1st, masks must be worn when inside various businesses, there shouldn't be any 'visiting' other tables in restaurants, bars etc. We are still in the atlantic bubble, which includes the 4 maritime provinces. I'm hoping they don't open the border to other provinces for a while yet, because I think we only have one active case, but there are flare ups in provinces to our west. I definitely don't want the border open to the USA. The covid 19 numbers there are scary. 

Life goes on, one day falling into the next. It is always great when I get to see my girls. They are the light of my life. Without them, some days would be pretty dark. I see Dawn often, but it's nice to see Heather, Rae & Colton, and Lindsay, who has been working all summer. I think she's anxious to head back to the city for university. I'm sure there will be safety measures in place for classes and dorms. Some classes will still be on line. 

I have spent time this summer trying to clean up my little flower garden, that was full of weeds. It took a while but I got most of the area tidied. Now to keep them out until I can put something else in the open areas. I guess I have more energy this summer than I had last summer because last year I didn't do a thing with the poor garden.


And now it is the middle of August, and I haven't posted this. I wonder what I do with my time. I think it is because I keep too much in my poor mind, listing the various things that I should be doing, and then not doing them, then re-adding them to the list...... and the result is I don't seem to get any thing done. Lately, I haven't even done much needle felting or painting.  I keep thinking, I'll just put Aslan in the basement, and then I can paint. There is absolutely no way I can paint if the dear little fellow is around. And if course, now it is time to get supper, so I have to stop. I wonder when I will be back.

 Okay, it's been a few suppers since I last wrote. My how time flies when you're not doing anything.  I am a bit brain fogged. This morning a humming bird flew right up within 2 feet of where I was sitting, and hovered there for 30 seconds or so.  I told her I was sorry. Yup, sorry. I apolagised to a humming bird, out loud so she could hear me. She was looking for her food, and my feeder had sprung a leak, and I hadn't got another one.  I felt so bad. I know the hummers will soon be heading south and need to bulk up. I hope no one is keeping track of the weird things I do.


I will finish this up with a few pictures.

Felted tractor seat for Dawn

Aslan went to church....he didn't pay much attention

That's it for now. It has taken me long enough. 
Till next time, whenever that will be,
take care and stay safe.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Staying Home

Yes, I am under voluntary isolation, due to my daughter's insistence because of my age and vulnerability, and it wouldn't be very good to bring the virus home to the captain.
So I am delighted that I don't have to go grocery shopping for a while. (See the smirky giggle behind the hand).
Life has taken on a whole new stance. No visitors for the Captain on a Sunday morning, no church, no choir, no uke group.  Beyond that, life is about the same.
This is certainly a time of testing, and patient waiting. Covid 19 is taking its toll all over the world. Still, there are some who do not take it seriously, which is a sad commentary on the compassion or lack there of of those who will not listen to health directives.

I am at the end of 6 weeks isolation, and at the end of an absolutely horrible week for our province. 22 people lost their lives at the hand of a gunman, and crushed the soul of several small communities. I think we are all still reeling from this unspeakable evil. My heart aches for all the families who have lost loved ones so suddenly.

Our pastor is doing a church service on facebook, which is nice. I'm also using zoom for a Bible Study. You make the best of a poor situation.

I started this post probable 5 weeks ago, and though I have thought of working on it, since I have so much time, but I guess I have to be "in the mood" to actually sit down and type.

I initially intended to show the pictures I took when I had an opportunity to go the Ironwood Farm. It was the first time in ages that I was able to go. I have to plan around meal times for the Captain. Now I can't even remember when we went. Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the lambs.

And of course here's Aslan

I have also been doing lots of needle felting. I will have to put the pictures on my laptop then move them here. 

It is a beautiful, warm day today. I went outside to enjoy the sun, and 
to rake up all the branches that fell after the wind blew over the top
of a tree. What a mess. At least it didn't hit anything but the ground.

That's it for now. Take care all and stay safe.
Blessings to all

Friday, February 7, 2020

Snow, snow, snow...

...and the 3rd Sunday in a row that I haven't been to church, and I've only had 1 choir practice, and no uke group. Our storms have come on Thursdays and Sundays, choir and church days. I should be thankful, and I am, that I don't live in Newfoundland which has had a huge blizzard, with a state of emergency, that will probably last a few more days. The snow drifts are so high that people can't get out their doors. I'm lucky that I have a daughter who loves to shovel, to do our driveway. She cleared the drive with the tractor just once so far. She'd rather shovel, and is very particular, especially with her own driveway.

Monday: I do believe that there are no storms forecast for the coming week. It will be cold, but at least  there won't be snow. I may even have choir practice, and get to church. I had a little practice session with my uke this morning. I hadn't picked it up since before Christmas.

.........and there went January. I had hoped to get a post done in January, but that was a lost cause. I did manage to get to church and uke group last Sunday. Hopefully, February will be better, but I'm not holding my breath.

The first Sunday of February found a storm skirting our area for a change, and doing a good job of dumping snow on Cape Breton. Since then, the days have been clear. But, there's always a storm around the corner....

I am not doing a great job of getting things done around here, or getting out to spend 'me time'. I have done a bit of needle felting, but what I really want to do is get out my acrylics and paint on canvas. So far, I haven't started, but I feel the urge building up in me.

The weather has blessed us with snow, freezing rain and rain, through last night into today and this evening. As a result,  no choir practice. I'm glad we practice songs ahead so we are semi prepared on Sunday .

I think I will end this here. Aslan sends his regards.